Computer advice/broadband help needed

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BossHogg, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm having problems with my broadband service, my computer is connecting to my ISP and logging on the home page, however whenever I try to go to another site, I'm getting the message "This page cannot be displayed" and goes on to say I don't have an active connection even though my computer is saying it does. I've run a diagnostic and this says that I'm not connected even though an icon in the system tray says I am. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling my broadband drivers but to no avail. any suggestions before I take a lump hammer to the piece of $hit, thank god I've still got access via work.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    1) Have a cup of tea!

    2) The connection that is indicated in the system tray on your PC is the connection to the router / modem, not to the internet.

    3) Which ISP?

    4) Are you sure that you have the correct username and password for logging on to the internet?

  3. Your able to connect to your ISPs homepage? Try going to another page you visit a lot, if it loads up then your connection may be down and its loading from memory. If it doesnt load then it sounds as though your ISP is having problems, you can connect to their network but not outside of it to other sites, its happened to me a couple of times.

    Best thing to do is give them a call, they can walk you through any problems better than we can on a forum. Your paying for the tech support may aswell use it.
  4. 1. Virgin
    2. Same one that's been working perfectly for over 12 months

    Just had a cuppa, good job I'm at work, still want to take a hammer to the ba$tard!!

    I'm getting intermittant sporadic connections to other sites, but it seems to be down more than a prostitutes knickers!!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Have you looked at their network status page ? If nothing has changed at your end, then the fault may well be with them.

    The next thing to do is call our service status line on 0800 561 0061 to find out if there's a problem in your area. It's absolutely free. Or if you still have access to the internet, you can visit our help site. It's at

  6. Can you connect to your router?

    Are you connecting wirelessly or not?

  7. My set up is wired, I had a problem with the internet so I tried to uninstall and reinstall. My router is connecting to the internet, it's physically dialling up, connecting and showing me online. I've managed to get the support number whilst online at work so I'll call them later when I get home and try and get it sorted.