Compusec / Forensic cses postings

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TAB_ON, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. looking for some quick info before I make the decision ; -

    cureently an IS Geek interested in getting into compusec/forensics especially.

    trying to find somwhere within the corp or forces where this could become a possibility?

    Or as I suspect best to leave and pursue outside the forces.

    Anybody able to shed some light? PM if required
  2. Okay matey here we go for my tuppence worth having done that line of work before (Only do it for friends etc now and pocket money)

    It is important first of all to remember where Compusec fits into the scheme of things in the military.
    Compusec is part of Infosec which part of Info Ops (C2W).
    There is a place in Belgium in Mons (Don't know whether it is open to IS types) but they had/have a fully functioning INFOSEC branch with 2 x slots for Brit SNCO which has a Compusec section.
    No doubt someone can enhance this a little bit more.
    All the best, some of the work is interesting but a lot of it is a bum numbing experience.

    Good luck
  3. In terms of Computer Network Defence (CND) as it is referred to in the military, the RAF has it pretty much stitched up with 591 Signals Unit at RAF Digby. It was all supposed to go tri-service a few years back but unfortunately the Corps took no interest and so the RAF pretty much have the monopoly on it. This is a real shame as CND is increasingly becoming more and more important within the military.

    Focussing purely on operations, the best the corps can do is this lot:

    I would advise that employment within this technical area very much depends on experience, rank, seniority and without wishing to be cynical, a little bit of ‘who you know’. For more advice try speaking to your unit Tfc IS/Supvr IS or TOT/FofS.

    Outside of the army, this is seriously big bucks if you can break into it. For more information start with some of the following resources:

    The first thing you need to do is put a strong CV together and then get it out to some recruitment consultants who specialise in this sector. These guys sorted me (although there are plenty more out there) and I start with a firm specialising in information assurance/security in August:

    Good luck.
  4. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you're going to give advice, at the very least, ensure that what you're saying is accurate.

    CND IS Tri-Service. The RN, RAF and Sigs have personnel currently working in CND at various locations.

    Tab_On, how long have you been in, rank etc? PM me some of your details and I'll give you as much info as I can taking into consideration Opsec and classification. There are several Mods on here who know I'm legit so your details are pretty safe with me. :thumright:

    Forensics is pretty much sewn up by the RAF Police for one good reason. They know what they're doing and if it was tasked to the Navy regulators (sorry, Navy 'Police' :roll: ) or the Redcaps, they'd fcuk it up.

    Obviously, there isn't much in the open about MOD CND capabilities for a good reason but here's what I found on the MOD Internet site.
  5. I knew the RAF Sqn Ldr who set it up from the original concept, he was very keen to stress it was tri-service.

    Most of the activity, while not S or TS, is not really for open forum discussion. Suffice it to say pulling the unit POC from a mil directory and giving them a ring would get you well on the way as they are very helpfull.

    Ranks range appears to be Cpl to SO2, but i could be corrected by more current info.
  6. Currently Signaller to Sgt if your Royal Signals