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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Orange_Sash, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Following discussions about the US National Guard, I was wondering if TA personnel would be prepared to be mandated or contracted to work say 10 weekends a year (effectively one weekend per month with Christmas and summer off), and if you believe this would improve the quality of training and hence retention, and utility of the unit and TA as a whole.

    If your whole company or squadron was training would it allow more exiciting, testing, and dare I say it, planned, activity to take place.

    Would you be preparred to committ to more or less weekend than this or not at all?

    Would you be prepared to comitt to such a scheme for the benefit to you of more free weekends at home and better training when you are in? Let's hear what YOU think.
  2. I think mandatory weekends are an excellent idea. It would stop the chodding bounty hunters from picking the easy bounty subject only weekends.

    I agree it would also maintain retention, particularly the decent blokes and lasses that do want to be there for reasons other than the bounty.

    I would rather have a 1/3 to 1/2 strength sqn filled with people who were up for everything all the time, than playing a numbers game with utter oxygen thiefs that spoil it for the rest of us.

    Rant over, step away from the soapbox
  3. not a bad idea, i suppose it would filter out all the walts that are in for the grandour of wearing the uniform. It wouldnt happen overnight, but i think properly implemented you're onto something there.
    I'd happily support it, with a mandatory % of said weekends devoted to fitness!
  4. These are the old 'Red Star' weekends?
  5. Yeah good idea. its always soul destroying when you turn in for an ex and there are more hangers on and ds than excersising troops
    Would have to be a few acceptable reasons for non attendance though as if missing your bounty due to say illness kids b/days, weddings you could affect retention in the wrong way
  6. Forgive me for asking, but what is the current system?

    Is it just turn up when you feel like it, as long as you do the required number of days and pass your MATTs?
  7. msr

    msr LE


  8. I suppose that means that you often spend time planning things which end up having to be cancelled or drastically rearranged to cope with lower than expected turn-out?
  9. The old Red Star weekends were mandatory for bounty qualification , but there were enough of them in the training year to make sure if you missed a couple, you could still qualify.

    The training team for their part, invariably pulled the stops out for assets and extra shiny kit, to make sure that 'Red Star' weekends, were something special.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I am pleasantly surprised when something actually happens as planned!

    Huge waste of time and resources when the blokes are not coming in but do not let you know because they are worried about getting earache.
  11. sound plan. it would mean you could plan your life properly, and maintain really good attendence on weekends
  12. I spent the last few years of my TA life in a specialist unit, so ususally the only time we met was for bounty and camp and hence no problems with attendance, however when I was in an independant unit the bounty weekends were compulsary with only a letter from God (or you wife... lol) that got you off them. I am really suprised to hear they scrapped them, maybey not contracted weekends but certanly manditory weekends are the way to go, no show - no bounty.....
  13. I'm in a relatively unusual (but not unique!) tri-service regular and reserve unit...the so-called "TA weekends" no longer exist, just trg weekends, including compulsory attendance weekends, even for the regulars. Unlike most reserve units the regs are not psi/psao etc but just regular staff in the unit.

    It has its ups and downs but is a very good system, imho.

  14. When I went to a local unit the Sgt giving me the tour showed me the units personnel photo wallchart and said that he could point out some who had not attended in over a year! 8O one had not been seen for nearly 18 8O 8O months!

    he said once your in, your in for three years but then if you dont show you get binned...but you obviously get no bounty if you dont attend.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Compulsory weekends were canned in 1999 - there is no function in TA Regs which can make you attend.