Compulsory V Permitted

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Little Jack H, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Re: Mod edits in the "Name the Sex Terms" thread.....

    Didn't realise "not compulsory" and "prohibited" were synonymous, but there ya go - guess A level english doesn't cover everything ;)

    edited to make it clearer where this thread started
  2. LJH try this fuck ff you sycophatic git then
  3. Sir,

    I bow to your wise and all-knowing judgement and power. I beg that you permit me to grovel in shame at your feet while licking your boots*.

    Failing that, please accept my humble apologies and assurances that I shall endeavour to meet your standards of posting from now on, under threat of eating my keyboard if I should fail.

    Sycophantic enough for you Mr Bow-tie? :lol:

    *And earning Brown wings with Angel AND Minxy (and Beebs while I'm at it, what the hell eh?) ;)

    Oh, sod it, and Dale, BabyBlue, TD, PB, RD, Toons et al :p

    Psychos need not apply
  4. In Germany-Everthing is forbidden except what is allowed
    In Britain- everything is allowed except what is forbidden
    In the former USSR-everything was forbidden including what was allowed

    OOPS....... Sorry that is the UK today

  5. Im with CC on this one, you hijacked a thread, you were pulled for it, now your just being a cnut about it.
  6. Yes... where did this thread start? It makes no sense as it stands. :?:

  7. No Minxy, now I'm respecting your thread and starting my own in which I can ask to have dirty back door action with lots of eligible Arrse Maidens.

    Apologies if I upset you, you can whip me before I start if you like :twisted:
  8. But you never asked if you could borrow the whip
  9. see even this thread is hijacked!!
  10. I asked her to CC cos needed to borrow the whip. But you're right, it should stay on topic.


    Brite Girlie

    You're all invited to the party too

    ***LJH heads to the chemists for extra vaseline***
  11. stop being a sad git jack, you are doing yourself no favours
  12. Like I really care CC ;)

    And first one I've had shifted to here. That's a LOT of firsts this week - life is good :lol: