Compulsory to tell the Govt how your pension was spent!?


Just had a letter from AFPAA wanting to know details about how I spent my lump sum! I know the rules changed, but we were led to believe that the only impact it would have was on 2* and upwards officers - it now appears that HMRC want to know if I have reinvested it in another pension or savings scheme, and if I have, they want 40% back, despite my pension being worth only 14% of my lifetime allowance! Since when should we have to justify what we spend our money on once we have earned it? Naturally, I didn't recycle my money, unless you count a conservatory, car, etc....

Anybody else had one of these "sign here" letters yet?


What business is it of thiers what you did with your money? HAve they explained why they want to know? If I get one, it's on its way to the press.
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