Compulsory rehab for boozers, nazi or a good idea?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. The local lunatic MP has decided to start locking up pissheads for three months "for their own good".

    He is part of the State government here, which is a bit like a UK County Council, but they are allowed a lot more freedom to pass crazy laws.

    Since his middle name is "Wessel" I am starting to get a whiff of the gas chambers.

    The Federal Government are equally frightened as they thought that they had provided the money,that was used to build the boozer's gaol, for a Medical Hotel for sick kids.

    What do you blokes think? Should boozers be locked up for their own good?

    PS John Elferink aka Johan Wessel Elferink is a self confessed alcoholic and used to turn up pissed to work as a copper, putting his mates at risk

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  2. Alcoholics are a drain on society and should be liquidised.
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  3. Residential rehab has poor outcomes for people who want to be there.
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  4. Typo? ... people who 'want' or 'don't want' to be there?
  5. No. Residential rehab has poor outcomes for people who opt to go, so I can't imagine it having good outcomes If people don't want to be there.
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  6. They tried to make me go. I said 'No, no, no'.
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  7. I think the idea is to keep drunken Aboriginal people off the street, and if they run away, to then criminalise them and put 'em is the shovel.

    I used to love the freedom and tolerance of the NT and the laid back attitudes, but it is rapidly becoming a police/nanny state.

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  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    yes and look how that ended .
  9. My daddy said I'm fine.
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  10. We have people sentenced to drug treatment money was chucked at it initially. So it was quicker for a criminal to get drug treatment than someone who wasn't a criminal. So to get treatment quicker all you had to do was commit a crime.
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  11. Right, fuck it, I'll kick in here. I got put in the "Nuthouse" for 2 weeks (over Christmas!) a few years ago. I had my lappy, my phones and my Kindle. I was getting fed at least 3 times a day. Tea and coffee when I wanted it. Toast when I wanted it.

    All I did was watch telly all day and piss about on here. They wouldn't let me home to get fresh knickknicks, but they'd let the alckys and druggies outside the "Unit" to do what they wanted. Yeah, I like my vino collapso, but some fuckers were literally jumping the fence to get out, stealing from other peoples' rooms, buying vodka from the local shop and getting away with it (even though I grassed them up). It was fucking unbelievable.

    I got accused of being a "baby killer" by some pissed up druggy fat Geordie lass, who then went rummaging through my room. When I complained, I was told "Well she's not well". You don't fucking say.

    "What are you going to do about it?"
    "We can't do anything".
    "Wasn't she "committed"?"
    "Yeah, but we can't put her there yet".

    I bided my time, scoffed twice my body weight in tucker, then did a massive crap in the toilet in my room and even though it left, I bet the smell still lingers.

    If you've never been in one of these places, I don't think you can comment. I thought I was mad, but fucking hell, some of them made me look sane. I only had 2 weeks of it as well. Some of them like to be in a "safe place". I'm not a head doctor, but they know the nurses and doctors and feel safe.

    I'll fuck off now xxxx
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  12. Oh, and you can't help someone if they don't want to be helped.
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  13. Dead skanky bitch walt!
  14. Spot on. I'd vote for just giving them shit loads of free booze. Let them either reach that tough spot where they want to get and stay sober; or die quickly, putting them out of their misery.

    I'll even give street alkies money; I know full well what they're going to spend it on; it gives me a chance to point out where the local A.A. meetings are and how we'd like to see them there. I guess the money just helps them on their way to that gift of a rock bottom; or the rock bottom that's six-foot-under.

    A couple of months of locking someone up, giving them vitamins and feeding them will only help them to physically recover; they'll be fitter alkies heading straight for the nearest boozer on their release. I strongly suspect it's just a waste of time and will prolong their misery, IMO.