Compulsory National Service for Muslims

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EdMilliband4Change, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Do you think that it would be in the best interests of requiring Muslims to complete a couple of years of naitonal service, to foster shared interests in this country and make them prove loyalty etc. ?

    Do you think it could also cut down on immigration from places such as Pakistan and Bangladesh ?
  2. Bore off you cock.
  3. I think it's a great idea. They could be employed as a mobile version of HESCO or as Fig 11's. The dirty Allah believing cunts.
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  4. That's a bad idea - you'd lose 4ft of cover 5 times a day. Unless you had them in 2 tiers working a prayer roster system of some sort?
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  5. Don't let them pray automatically. Use prayer allocation is a reward for them. Make them earn back their prayer mats through good service to Britain. Trust is earned it is not given.
  6. Best interests of who? Your post makes no sense.

    Would I have to complete a compulsory service being an agnostic? Maybe a few more years on top for being of Russian decent?

    In fact - fuck off you dull kunt.
  7. No you would not need to do national service. Can you not read ?
  8. Yes I can read but unfortunately you are talking bollocks and typing it badly.
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  9. Extend it to everyone on JSA and criminals would be best.

    Oh hang on its the NAAFI.

    what FiveAlpha said.
  10. I am at University.

    ........ did you go to University ?
  11. I did and clearly a better one than you're at, you stupid twat. CC_TA was refering to the possiblity that once one set of people are targeted for being different it tends to get out of hand, if we were to treat muslims in that fashion why not the Jews, gays and blacks?
    I would also suggest that its a mite fucking retarded to arm and train people who we are in anyway suspicious of in terms of loyalty.
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  12. I take it you're not studying English then:

    Why should only Muslims have to prove their loyalty? I'd rather trust a Muslim than a fucking student. At least Muslims know how to was and spell. :)
  13. Really! I wouldn't have picked up that fact from your spelling or the content of your post!
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  14. So we require Muslims to do national Service and acquire military skills and concepts which the majority of the population would not get? Seems a high risk strategy. And a bit cuntish on our part.

    Or maybe we could save money by just bunging them all a rifle and a couple of pounds of Semetex at their age of majority and trusting to their consciences?
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  15. Hah, fucking brill. Ginger tea down me nose and on me shirt front.
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