Compulsory mobilisation for Op Telic - No recognition!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Copperhead, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. How many TA soldiers have been compulsory mobilised and placed into backfilled roles without any recognition for their service?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What an odd question. What do you mean, not 'recognised'? If by that you mean no medal, then that is true - and quite right too. If you mean lack of pay, etc., then that's bollox.

    If you want to start a campaign for a 'Mobilisation Medal' then feel free - but I don't think you'll get a lot of support here. After Demob you get a Certificate - Regulars who do the same work all the time and don't even get that.
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    What do you actually want?
  4. Because the MOD are Investors In Paper, not people? :twisted:

  5. I am keen to understand the proportion of TA soldier's who have been compulsory mobilised for an Operation and yet not deployed into theatre!

    Subsequently finding that their is no recognition for their work!

    On the parallel with the Regular Soldier.. I haven't heard of many Regular Soldier being mobilised out of their careers for 10 months to a job in civi street that has no bearing on their career within the military and a salary that has them loosing monies!
  6. msr

    msr LE


    What is your problem? Since about TELIC 4 no-one has lost any money and the army will use you where they see fit, not necessarily where you want to go.

    What recognition do you want?

  7. Sorry, but perhaps I'm being a bit slow here. Are you saying that as far as you are concerned, if you are mobilised then you feel that you should only be sent overseas etc? There is an awful lot of work to be done here in support of the operation, that frankly if it wasn't done then the op couldn't carry on.

    The Army is short of people all across the board, and as a member of the TA you are liable for call up. A fact that you would have been made aware of when you signed on the dotted line. If you have to fill a job in the UK, then frankly thats no different to being mobilised to go overseas, apart from the fact that you might not get a medal.

    As for the pay aspect....well if you joined for the money then you did the wrong thing didn't you? Or did we think it was all about that nice tax free bounty? Sorry, in my opinion don't come here looking for sympathy. You know what they say....if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined!
  8. Know at least one who didnt leave chillwell that was telic 3 .Had a dodgy back doc said he couldnt go.So he did gds for 6 months actually extended
    as his was nobbing a qa and doing less work than normal.
  9. You mean you got mobilised on Telic 1 and did paperwork for 6 months at Chilwell?
  10. and she got around quite a bit i hear :D
  11. I was mobilised for 6months which was stretched to 14. Telic 4 5 & part of 6 as UWO. stayed on with the understanding i would get NRPS job as URRESWO now called ROSO only to find job given to a regular Officer who had no expierience of the TA what so ever, Jobs for the boys again
  12. I wouldnt know about that .But doing the sausage machine that is chillwell
    particular as the bank holiday was coming up and they wanted rid of us
    meet him feet up on desk brew in one hand roll up in other ."hello woody
    haven't seen you for a while been any where nice?" anyone else saying something like that would have been a slap .An old sweat who probably stole half of chilwell while he was there. :D
  13. Most of the 11 months I have spent mobilised since 2003 has been in blighty 'back filling'

    It's not all bad, service is service. :D
  14. Thanks for the responses..

    I know the value of "Back-fill" and am motivated by my results.. I will be undertaking my second tour (although it will be the first for the MOD) in 2007. This time it will be viewed as "Real" work!

    For those of you who have worked in theatre over the past few years, I am glad that your part and that of the TA has been recognised with something other than a piece of paper.. I wonder though.. if the tables were turned and there was no medal.. if you would still feel the same about this question?
  15. A Mobilisation Medal was mooted during Telics 1-2. Got some quite high level support, but it rather goes agaist the grain. Argument is, you already receive a medal for being available for mobilisation by being efficient, it's called the VRSM.

    A more interesting approach would be like that taken by, I think, the Aussies. They have an operational service support medal, issued to thos on the REMF end of an Op, although with a longer qualification period. It has the same medal, but with a different ribbon. If you subsequently deploy forward and qualify, you change the ribbon (i.e. you can't have both up). Everyone (TA and Regs), on the UK end of an Op would be eligible. It wouldn't be worn in order, but possibly alongside other cat 5 awards, such as Accumulated Campaign Service Medal and Queens Golden Jubilee. Any thoughts?

    There are some precedents, as I believe the Posties in UK got the Gulf 91 medal (but without bars), and Cyprus qualifying. Perhaps locations/units could be niminated with a start/stop period?

    Having worked through Telic 1-5 at RTMC, I saw some pretty horrendous hours being put in by both mobilised and permanent staff. It was not uncommon to demob someone who, despite deploying, had had more days off than you! On a serious note, we had a number of Psych casualties as the pace was quite relentless, and several people who did deploy forward said they found the rest refreshing!

    Having recieved the fine piece of paper (signed by Buffy), I can see how a Billy No Medals might feel agrieved.

    As a very wise man once told me "Fundamentally, medals don't really matter....until, that is, you haven't got one."