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Compulsory Euthenasia for Piers Morgan

Compulsory Euthenasia for Piers Morgan

  • I agree watching Piers die would be good entertainment

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  • I disagree Piers Morgan is a worthy human being and deserves every penny he makes

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I suggest Sky makes it's Euthenasia programmes more entertaining and that they start with the compulsory death of Piers Morgan.

I for one would love to see cyanide injected in to the talentless name dropping little shit.

Votes and feedback appreciated.
Command_doh said:
Please. Can we do a Downing Street petition?
Why? They don't listen to them anyway.

Can we not spread a rumour that he's a kiddie fiddler? That way the outraged baying mob would square it away for us :wink:
Death to the sycophantic arse licking celebrity stalker, the man has no talent and I would love to wipe that smug grin off his grid with a baseball ball..


Exactly, Heidtheba. I can't remember any petition ever doing any good. Waste of time, paper, and ink.
vvaannmmaann said:
And what,pray tell,has Mr Morgan ever done to you?
I just hate them, I can remember when eastern block journos where paying people to give us shite just to get a good story. And the spinners saying all was well, when it was far from it. Scum the lot of them.

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