Compulsory Call-Up

A close relative has just has his callup papers. He wants to go and is telling the family he has to go or he'll be considered AWOL. I don't know whether he believes this or is saying it for the benefit of the family. I havent had chance to pull him to one side to find out.

From all that I've read on here he does have an option - he can tell the Army to shove it. If he has an option I feel that I would be failing in my duty as a concerned relly to point that out to him. Not that it will make any difference as he's dead set on going anyway. (as I would in his position)

Would someone please be kind enough to explain if "compulsory" is what it says.

ex 4 Para
If he's got the papers, then it's compulsory. If he, or his employer, can provide a good enough reason (decided by the Army) why he shouldn't be deployed, then it can be deferred. Details will be with the call-up papers.

He can't just tell the MOD to get stuffed.


Last time I got me brown envelope I was asked a few weeks prior if I was "available" for Telic. Wether that meant I could say no on the spot and not get called up or my Sgt taking the p!ss I don't know...

I always thought once you'd had your papers you HAD to report unless you could scramble out of it because of your civi job...Infact you do, you cannot argue with your call up papers and you MUST report..

Then again reading what most of the lads say on here it is voluntary wether you now go or stay, maybe your guy has stuck his hand up and because of it he's got his envelope..
It will actually say 'Compulsory Call-up' on the paperwork. Use it to your advantage with the family or fight against it..... the choice is yours.
Thanks guys. Whether he stuck his hand up or not I don't know. Anyway, my conscience is clear - he doen't have an option that I didn't tell him about. (other than appeal which I know he won't do).

I'll concentrate now on helping him get there and stay healthy. Any tips on issue kit he should replace with commercial gear; additional kit that will make his life easier etc ?

Should have mentioned he's infantry and going to Iraq.

Thanks again for the feedback.
If he hasn't, the reference he needs to quote is: LAND/RF 8201 dated 14 Nov 05

Perhaps a pair of Magnums or Proboots - issue kits quite good now really - Sony PSP would be good - great for music games films and viewing photos form home.
You get magnums issues at Chilwell. (if you havnt got outsize or undersized feet.) Watch out for the gortex type boots, some are made wrong and its impossible to get your feet in. the other type make you look like hermen munster but are quite good.

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