Compulsary National Service

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fluffer, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. 79% beleive compulsary service should be brought in as a new law according to a survey of thousands, in fact i spotted a link to it only a few moons ago on the home page, thoughts?
  2. I think 79% of people don't know how unworkable it would be.
  3. Did they also say that a basic grasp of English grammar was a prerequisite?
  4. 1. Where are the regular staff coming from to train them :?

    2. Where are the regular staff coming from to supervise them once they roll out to units :?

    3. Where is the money coming from to clothe, train and pay them :?

    As has been said earlier, unworkable :x
  5. Wrong Wrong Wrong- simply wrong!
  6. Does National Service necessarily have to follow the previous model? Instead of sticking them in the Armed Forces where frankly they would not be of any use and as has been noted would be an admin nightmare. What about being used for "social" projects like clearing up the country, helping out the NHS, helping local good works. Perhaps a system whereby they have to do a couple of years of Service after full time educating before they are allowed to take up full time employment or claim any sort of benefit. This probably has a number of flaws in it but it is early.
  7. Quality....

    The poll is still at the bottom of the page!!!
  8. OK - what when the kid does not want to serve? Who will ensure they stay at clearing the country - even when you have got them there? Why should the NHS have the problem added of a load of Kevins where a hospital is a dangerous place. Beating up old people in parks will transfer to beating them in the wards. I would support it if we transported them like the kids sent to Australia after WW2. Ship them out to Africa with a few tools and tell them to be back at the port in 2 years time when we come and collect them.
    No - National Service is a nonsense.
  9. Better for the country that the youngsters perfor some kind of service to the nation than sit on their arses fiddling with a PlayStation.
    Splendid idea. Doesn't necessarily have to be military, they can sweep the streets for all I care.
  10. It works in Germany so why not here. Not the Forces but all the low paid, unskilled jobs that we currently rely on immigrant labour for could be filled by people on a 'gap' year after leaving school.

    The country gets it's sh*tty jobs done and the chav mongs learn some kind of work ethic.

    It closes some of the growing class gap by stopping the haves fcuking off to Thailand while tha have nots sink into their drug riddled slums.

    It could be managed by the same legions of social workers etc that we employ anyway but this way we might actually see some results.
  11. I would wager that it was 79% of people too old the be called up too.
  12. The National Service in Germany, doesn't work that well at all. First the need for soldiers is well down on the Cold War years, so it is more like a lottery. Second the period of service is (I think) one year or even less. Just how much usefull service are you going to get out of a soldier under such circumstances?

    The rest of Europe has now discontinued national service.
    We should take the hint.
  13. There was talk on Arrse a while back on the merits of a creation of a conscripted "Civil Defence Corps" for unemployed etc. to give to society.
  14. See bold. National Service does not, as has been stated here a few times already, have to be Military Service. That's why I was banging on about the low paid, unskilled jobs :roll:
  15. Verging off on to a slightly different, but related topic -

    Do you think that some form of conscription might become necessary? The papers and, indeed, ARRSE frequently feature stories about recruitment and retention difficulties faced by the armed forces. Do you think the government would consider some form of conscription rather than improving pay and conditions to attract more volunteers?

    What about the Americans? They've been rumored to be planning a limited call up of skilled civilians, doctors, nurses and engineers. If things kick off in Iran, could we see a return of the draft?