I'm a long time lurker but a new poster and was wondering if anyone's identity on here has been compromised and what was the outcome ?


My old OC worked out who I was on here fairly quick, no dramas though and I’ve never made too much of an effort to guard my identity so I guess it was to be expected.
I have seen threads where people have confessed to getting in the smelly stuff for things they’ve said here, but then if you’re foolish enough to let slip who you are and then go and say something that you’d never dare say away from the safety of an anonymous web site then that’s also to be expected.

I’m currently trying to work out who my last PSI is on ARRSE, I know you’re here somewhere, I recognised some of the photos you used in a presentation last time you were at our TAC :wink:


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Or on some of the Arrse crawls in various parts of the country where some members get very compromised! :twisted:

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