Compression socks - do they really work?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by oldcolt, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. At the risk of looking like a total mong, my calfs' are playing me up and I have heard that compression socks may be the answer.

    Having seen a running club mate wear some but looking like a balding six form girl withouth the pigtails or other interesting acroutements; this is not a step I am considering lightly! So, before I take such a step, I need to know whether they are really any good.

    Sub question. sweaty nuts/ groin rash. will compression shorts help? :oops:
  2. Oldcolt,

    I wear one on a daily basis and its improved the issues with my leg considerably. The only negatives are that they lose their shape fairly quickly (I have to replace mine every 3 months) and they are expensive enough here in Dublin. Make sure you get a decent quality and get measured correctly. The only other issue I have is that my skin gets very dry and I have to apply moisturisers otherwise between the compression stocking and the reason I have to wear one, I'd suffer nasty eczema.
  3. (Thought I'd resurrect an old thread rather than risk getting my knuckles rapped by Jarrod...)

    I was diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome in both of my calf muscles way back in 2004, after suffering for years before hand and just being told it was shin splints. They operated on my right leg in 2005, but the operation failed and they didnt bother with the left leg at all. Owing to the nature of my injury and the fact that at the time most folk didnt know what to do with me, I adopted the mantra 'skive to survive' and became a 'bit' overweight in the years that followed.

    It wasnt until about 4 years ago that I saw myself for what I was and decided to try and do something about it, so I hit the gym more, and started watching what I was eating (and even joined Weight Watchers for which I have already been berated in another thread) and the weight has slowly been coming off, but my calfs have been stopping me doing any real running and other impact related activities, and this has really been a bit of a downer for me. But recently a colleague told me about these compression socks.

    Today was the second time in 16 years that I've been able to run for 40 minutes solid. The first time was yesterday. They have been an absolute miracle bit of kit, and I'm frankly surprised that none of the PTIs or RIs or even Physio's I've seen over the years have not mentioned them.

    Those that know me will be quite disturbed to hear that I actually enjoyed running today. Fancy a fat, downgraded biff clerk enjoying running eh?

    Anyway, for any other sufferers of lower leg injuries, I would whole heartedly recommend giving them a bash!
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  4. They're great for post run recovery too. I don't use them under 30km but they stop my calves cramping if going over that or if there is a lot of elevation. I was hesitant to try them, they look naff for one thing, but after an embarrassing incident when my calves cramped up post race and I had be lifted into a train I gave them a try for recovery and now use them regularly.

    Was listening to a Decathlon assistant the other week explaining to a couple of Americans that you need different ones during the race and afterwards. I use the same, but keep my newer ones for racing and older ones for recovery. I use Compressport but there are loads of different makes around, some better than others.

    @DITA great to hear you are back out there, well done!
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  5. Cheers @fairmaidofperth, they've helped massively.

    It was mentioned to me yesterday about post run recovery, so I put them back on yesterday after a shower, and I'll tell you I had no dramas at all with my calves. I will almost certainly be investing in a second pair for recovery.

    A real confidence booster, right when I needed it!
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  6. I wear compression shorts when I go for a trot or a cycle. Seem's to hold the lower parts in place firmly, never suffered a rash or friction burn as a result and using sports orientated grundys means sweat is wicked away.

    I have not tried compression socks as I wear merino socks.