Compressible daysack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Sorry to pull this topic up yet again but just after a little advice. Im currently using the NI patrol pack which is very nice, but its a bit bulky and doesnt pack down easily into the bergen, so im in the market for one thats a bit easier.

    Somebody posted a link a link to a Snatch bag on this same subject, is it any good? Id be looking at possibly putting padding on those shoulder straps, but has anybody used one and know how rugged it is?

    Also an old SSM used a daysack that seemed nothing more than a sack with a flap on it and is exactly what I'm after. I'm sure it was made by Karrimor or one of the big names like that. I've been rooting around kit sites and ebay for it but cant find one, does anybody know of it?
  2. just get a Berghaus Munro and remove the frame, that's what I do and it's perfect for it, fits nice in the lid of bergen.
  3. The munro has a frame in it, didnt know that. Think i will just get one, found one for £48 whereas last i saw them they were at £70, score!

    How small does it pack down?
  4. Fu**ing small considering the capacity of it, you can either roll it or lay flat in the lid. The frame is a small upside down 'U' shape.
  5. Ace. Though one daft question, how tall is it? Is it about the same as the NI pack? I had a problem with the Forces 33 bag knocking my helmet down whenever going prone (Mixture of height and the rigid back).
  6. Not as tall as the S2000 (NI pack), and it has the 'Ally' factor as well.