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Don't know if this is worth setting up a gardening thread.......

I' m not a very good gardener, but I've come up with a few bright ideas.

I've got a greenhouse and last year set away a few seed potatoes to chit, then when it started to warm up a little in there, planted the spuds.... it was too early for tomatoes, so nothing wasted.

Got a reasonable amount of the tastiest potatoes ever, gave some to my 75 year old neighbour and she said she started crying, they took her back to the one's her dad grew when she was a kid.

They're late this year, the shoots just coming through, but well worth a try.

Another thing to try is the "Living salads" you see in the supermarkets, Lidl do them amongst others.

Basically, they are a small tub of immature lettuce, no taste at all.

Wet them well, tease them apart and replant in cheap plastic troughs, fairly close together, you should be harvesting alternate plants in about 4 weeks, then strip out the outer leaves first, on the others.

You can get months of lettuce for less than a quid.

Again the same with those cheap pots of herbs, tease them apart and spread out in planters or troughs.... I've got parsley, chives, basil, and mint coming on.
Grow your own strawberrys, you'll never buy the forced, tasteless Spanish crap from a supermarket again. And a five year old could grow them.
Grow your own strawberrys, you'll never buy the forced, tasteless Spanish crap from a supermarket again. And a five year old could grow them.

Raspberries give a much better bang for the buck, I must have planted a 20ft row about 8 years ago and we're still getting carrier bag fulls every year from a foot wide strip, the season is fairly long as well.
Planted a 5' plum tree this w/e - it started blossoming after two days. Incredible.

No bloody plums yet though, I'll have to wait a year or three for them!
last year I accidentally left a bag of potatoes in the cupboard to long and they had started to sprout. I put them in two beer barrels and put them in the greenhouse as it was late october, we had them with Christmas dinner, I got a great crop from them. I've also grown two Apple trees from the seeds inside the apple but thats very slow going, Bex was 2 when we did it she's 12 now and still no apples but I'm hopeful we'll get some this year
2 weeks on, the lettuce are thriving, should start to harvest them in another week or two....... last year, the first salad I did with one, my wife actually told me it was the best lettuce she'd ever tasted, it was "chewy"
Read the thread because I thought it was about compost!

So here we go; set up a worm farm and use it to compost all of your organic food waste. Far quicker than a conventional composter and you get beautiful moist worm castings that are fantastic for growing veggies in pots and trays. You also get a bucket of "worm tea" a week which is great fertiliser and, if you are a fisherman, plenty of live bait.
Started eating the lettuce...... less than 4 weeks after planting on and I've got 4 troughs full of them, all different types as well, including Lollo Rosso.

Last year was absolute crap in the garden, nothing thrived, including my leeks, I just left them in over the winter, as they were so small.

Now though, they're full size, and showing signs of running to seed, so today I've pulled up the lot, about 60.

This is a good way of processing them....... top and tail them, wash out any grit, slice, then wash under a tap.

Using a large pan, add a little neutral oil, like sunflower, then fill up a third full with the damp leek.

Cook hard until the leek has collapsed and no water is left in the pan, they should be soft but not browned.

Cool, then fill up freezer bags and flatten to about an inch thick.

When you need some snap off just what you want for that meal.

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