Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ugly, May 8, 2005.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Today I had to show my lad how to use a tommy cooker and make a brew (bisto) and a quick meal, noodles and beans. Not only was getting hold of hexi difficult but no one seems to stock compo. I appreciate it has changed since I left 16 years ago when arctic compo was a novelty. I have no idea where to acquire compo. The lad went to atc and was asked to bring food in, so the wife gave him a pack of sausages. No end of grief, all the others had little gas cookers and mess tins. I have a couple of non stick pans camping size so we got stuck in and made a quick lunch. I remember from my pre army days as a cadet the compo going out to menus E & F but I suppose it has all changed. We used to get a lesson at ACF in compo and cooking before going on ex and a similar but better one during the first field ex at Shornecliffe. Is this done anymore?
    What got my goat was thelack of info they give thecadets at final parade and the lack of passing on of knowledge by the older lads.
  2. most army or navy shops will have some 24hr rat packs for sale

    if you go to millets or somplace like that you can get a nice cheap gas stove and boil in the bag civvy meals. im sure you can buy hexis there for a few quid

    if you cant find any of the above then you cant go wrong with super noodles, cook them in 4 minutes in ur mess tin mmmmmmmm :)
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sad it seems they want him to be a play soldier, he wants to fly and glide yet they expect us to stump up for everything. A pity really as I remember when subsidised compo was 33 pence a day and you could work for it!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Is that what they look like now? what will I put in me mess tins to rattle in my Kidney pouches?
    No chance of a few buckshees?
  5. Last time I saw a 24 Pack it had tins in it!. One of my mates is an RQMS, I asked for any buckshee 24 hr Rat pack and promptly got "fcuked off!" However he did supply me with a ten man pack dated 1994 with the sticker on the pilchards "Do not eat" How I laughed feeding them to next doors cat.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The old 10 man pack the ones to be supplemented with RAOC armoured bread. I remember cooking some in Baruki sanger in 88. The sausage stew I made was a live pan, just topped up daily with tins and any veggies. Eventually 42 took over and we were steaked twice a day, now there's a challenge on a baby belling!
  7. RAOC armoured bread? Now there a blast from the past. I remember its all we could get in the cookhouse in berlin. Utter shat. The waxed wrapper could be used to waterproof anything.
    I never did Baruki sanger, Lots of trips to Camlough, Sturgan, 799 east and west. All those silly Golf 10 to 40. We got 10 man boxes all the time, enough to p1ss the most hardend curry eater off. I used to look forward to a poxy pot noodle..
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now there a blast from the past

    Thats me I'm afraid, luckily this year I get to catch up with all the sods who stayed for the full 22 as we are all 40 this year being brats together so one party invariably refreshes old contacts and leads to more!
  9. RAOC bread, le bon dieu! The wrapper always said Thursday, regardless of when you got it.... Best eaten when absolutely desperate.
  10. Just head to your nearest Blacks or similar outdoor camping style shop, they all sell decent food for the field albeit a tadge expensive but at least you will the know your Son will have decent scoff whilst in the field with his compadres...

    Alternatively give him a couple of loafs of bread, some well protected eggs, a pack of butter, an old mess tin, plenty of hexe blocks, a bottle of oil, and salt & pepper to taste, he'll be well happy on egg banjo's for the next few days, i know I would be :roll:
  11. Ugly, check your PMs.
  12. Ugly, all the big outdoor shops stock boil-in-the-bag rations (but not the full packs). They come in a white plastic wrapper with green and yellow lettering (can't remember the brand name) and the foil bag inside is identical to the ones in the ORPs, so I assume they are from the same manufacturer. The civvy ones aren't quite as stodgy, but they're a lot tastier, and they should keep your boy going for a fair while.

    I've always been a fan of supplementing my rats anyway. My favourite is one loaf of sliced brown bread (lasts longer than white), taken out of it's wrapper, and converted into marmite/peanut butter* sandwiches (*delete as preferred). Put the loaf back together and slide it back into the wrapper and squash it down as best you can - voila! It'll keep good for days so long as you don't use any butter, and it tastes great in the rain on Day 5!!!
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thanks for your help lads, we have also now discovered peperami noodles, what a treat, wish I'd had them way back when men were men and shep were frightened!

    Eating arctic compo possibly mutton stew again on Onion Mountain 1985.

    I have decided to show the lad how to do bacon grill and tinned beans etc as they are handy things to know about in these days of freeze dried dog food!