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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by skintboymike, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Over the past few years many conversations about food have invariably turned to compo; this is usually the cue for a select few (generally ex-serving) ARRSE members to start going on about how great compo was, and how they often trawl supermarkets, back alleyways and dustbins looking for ways to recreate the taste. I can only conclude the following;

    1. The aforementioned old and bold have forgotten how shit it really was;
    2. They have no tastebuds;
    3. They have never actually eaten real bacon;
    4. They are lying to make friends.

    The only good things ever to come from packs of compo was the following;

    1. Dried herbs (10 man catering pack only)
    2. Boiled sweets
    3. Noodles
    4. Beans
    5. Rolos
    6. The missing middle sausage in the tin. ;)

    Get yourselves down Waitrose and buy yourselves a nice steak. Cook it medium/medium rare, serve with a nice Bearnaise or peppercorn sauce, and then come back and try to compare it to compo again. Babbies heads my arse. Stop it.
  2. Yeah, but you'll have to go for a dump in the morning. With compo, you didn't have to bother for 3 or 4 days, so na-ah! :D
  3. Bacon Grill, from Netto, Take your silly steak and stuff it :)

  4. Dried herbs? when?

    Noodles? when?

    Rolos? never!

    Fookin crow, not in my day.

    Although I cannot fault you on the middle sausage scenario, so im told???
  5. The tinned cake, surely has to be considered as good?
  6. Noodles? Don't remember them, though I generally agree with your overall Compo review, (the Bacon really was shite), I feel you have forgotton the all-time bestest thing from Compo rat-packs...the oatmeal block...hhhmmmm, oatmeal.
  7. I loved the processed cheese in a tin...dont know why...

    And of course..I would take tin cans of chocolate home to confuse my daughter!!
  8. Otherwise known as mixed fruit pudding; not too bad if there's nothing else, but I'd rather have a freshly baked substitute anyday.

    I'd forgotten about desserts; someone once had the audacity to declare that poached pears in chocolate sauce was nice. Give yer ficking head a wobble, you freaks. :D
  9. I remember them, they always had a kind of white powder on them, I presume from the chocolate 'breaking-down' because they had been there that long.
  10. Bacon Grill may well have consisted of some obscure, chemically gleaned meat and more lips and arrse holes than a carcass normally has and may or may not actually have been a pork derivative but at o so early o'clock when you were just out of your doss bag it was a great pick you up with a couple of compo sausages and baked beans and the plastic RAOC bread to mop up with...the section sized tea bag that almost but not quite tasted of tea when sweetened with the tube of Fussels, washed the whole ensemble down rather well....pass the rose tinted specs over please...halcyon days :)

    Did I hear someone mention SLR's??? :?
  11. Only chocolate I can recall was thin cheap chocky bars, rolos, nope, but my memory is fading now :)

    Deffo no noodles or herbs though.
  12. PS; I neglected to mention in my opening post that the packs of noodles were also only contained in the ten man catering packs - we had so many of the ******* on Telic 1 that even the chogies were telling us where to shove them.

    When was your day? I remember getting these on one of my exercises in Phase 1 training, around October 1995. (Not seen since then though)
  13. Crushed up with your apple flakes added, couldn't agree more... :p

    edited to remove the bacon grill slur... ;-)
  14. With a slice of cheese possessed - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  15. Yes, can`t argue with Oatmeal blocks, sad I know but I loved em. Condensed milk too... even sadder.