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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mussolini93, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. I've gone and bought some rations from ebay. The boil in the bag parts are dated 1997. Are they still edible ? Just what is the shelf life of these items ? I don't fancy geting Gandhi's Revenge while on a field trip. Forgive my ignorance but it was still the gold cans in my day, not these new fangled efforts.
  2. Shelf life=Forever or close to it.

    Why'd you buy them on Ebay and not get them issued?
  3. you must need help "serious help" if your buy'ing rat packs on e bay. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. The only thing not to eat is the cheese spread. I've never had a pack with cheese spread that i couldn't bounce at least 20ft off the hard standing.

    Cheese removed! Ah those were the days!

    The tins were mint (cept the weight)
  5. I've heard from a mate who has a mate in the Surplus trade that the MOD have come down hard on bods selling rat packs through shops etc.

    Is this true? They certainly don't seem to be around anymore.
  6. You used to be able to buy them from the website of the guys who supply MOD with them, don't know who it is now-but the link was on here once.

    Hmm has the search tool been improved?
  7. They've got "MOD USE ONLY NOT FOR RESALE" written over the top.

    I've eaten boil in the bag from '97 and before recently (didn't check the rats in my belt kit for a couple of years until I had to use them!). Not noticed any side effects ............. yet.
  8. Stay off the meat paste also if there's any there.

    Not sure what the score is about them these days, but there's at least one UK business which sells nothing else but ratpacks. They have a nice line in foreign ones, would make you jealous if your taste runs beyond one or other form of stew.
  9. i would be a little careful of eating ORP that is 8 years old. the policy is that a sample of every batch of ORP is tested by certain agencies and a report on every batch produced on a regular basis advising of consume by dates.
  10. any idea who and what their website is?

    I still prefer compo when i take to the hills.
  11. God bless Google.

    The company is called Wayfarer Foods, part of Westler Foods (whose name Dr E saw printed on a boilie one day, which set off a daring internet exploration adventure).

    The boilies they sell are identical to the ones you get in rat packs except that (a) they have an additional "appetising" wrapper and (b) the range of meals is wider: see

    They sell to camping shops, where each meal retails for about four quid.

    However, they will supply to expeditions. When Dr E took against rehydrated rations for his minions, he found that Wayfarer would supply to him so long as a minimum of three boxes of 12 boilies were purchased in a single order (ie, 12 Beef Stew, 12 Beans and Bacon, 12 Chicken Pasta and Mushrooms - or wha'evah). Ordering in bulk like that worked out at around £1.50 per meal.

    If you check their site, you will see that they now set a minimum order of six boxes and that each box must contain 6 savoury and 6 sweet meals. Give them a call and put on your sweet and friendly voice - they might see their way to accommodate different requirements.

    They also stipulated that their food is not to be used for the purposes of world domination. Spoilsports.

    NB Their site says that the meals have a shelf life of 3 years from manufacture. I thought that boilies were never meant to be eaten before they were 3 years old!

    PS Check out the news section of their site. It gives Dr E a warm, fuzzy, treacle-puddingish feeling inside to know that the scoff we bitch about is made by real people who are enthusiastic about it.
  12. Like many a hoarder of compo (you never know when you might need it - I recently re-read 'The Day of the Triffids') I've always assumed that it could be 'laid down' like a fine wine, to mature and deepen in flavour over many years. I do believe that I still have a few tins of 1980s babies heads lurking in a box in my garage somewhere: perhaps I will open and serve these at my retirement celebrations when I finally hang up my beret.
  13. I find there is nothing more comforting than sifting through the crate I have at the bottom of the wardrobe. Occasionally if i can't be arrsed to cook, I have one for me dinner!
  14. i also like MREs
  15. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O :lol: