Compo Sausages. Sourced.

For those who wish to relive old times.
I have, using great skill and cunning, sortied out on to t'interweb, alone and unaided, and sourced a supplier of the mythical compo Sausage in Lard
I know, I know.

They may be purchased at the bargain price of only 29 of your English pence per tin.(or 25p each for 4)

Please note that there is a flat postage rate of £5.50 for >25 kg of shopping, they also overnight it and the fresh meat I bought was still chilled and in good nick(Styrofoam box with ice-alike sachets)

I have no connection with the firm obviously, cos they're in Essex innit.

Never served but my family lived on 24hr ration packs for a few years in the 70's. Then our "dealer" went civvie. I close my eyes and I can still smell and taste those tins of processed cheese. Is that a good or a bad thing?