Compo liver/chicken pate

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by old_bloke, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Driving up to Norway, decided to stay in a B and B . Had an Euro brekky, with buns, cheese, ham, salami , and small pots of jam, honey and.... compo chicken pate. Blast from the past and great. 24 hour boxes with rollos and spangles and white mars bars and screech, bacon grill and , drool . Yum.:)
  2. Spangles = old_bloke! What flavour?
  3. Chicken liver pate? And you enjoyed it??? For fucks sake you will be asking for biscuits brown next.
  4. You don't mean the Chicken skin pate do you? Sicko.
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  5. And what's wrong with that exactly? Nothing wrong with a bit of chicken and herb pate and a packet of Biscuits Brown. Like Babies Heads and Bacon Grill, it is the food of the Gods.
  6. It's not, it's ******* manky!
  7. pate? Pate? its spread you big poof!!!
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.
  9. Jesus mate. I few days of that diet and you'll remember why it is to be avoided.

    I pretty much wrote off a thunderbox in Thetford thanks to a load of that stuff.

    Surely Norway is much too nice a place to deserve such treatment?
  10. A food suitable only for cats.
  11. Don't think I would feed Spam to my cats. I love my cats.

    Plus if I put Spam out the cats would probably try to cover it with sand.
  12. It would still be there in 3000AD, confusing archaeologists from Planet Zarg-16 in their quest to work out what happened to us.

    'They must have been getting desperate by this stage, look at the poxy offerings they tried to placate their gods with! It's like food, but isn't'
  13. It took two generations to remove spam from the daily meal, yet folk still eat it.
    BK + McD sell it
  14. There is some strange vegetable spread concoction in the modern ration packs.

    Cook house breakfast in the field... Fried bread, fried egg, tinned tomato, fried spam and those delicious tinned sausages with the peppery taste washed down with a gallon of tea.