Compo for admin discharge for pap 10???

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by westy5629, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Need abit of advice, today i went to the occupational health for a med review. Following the PAP10 process.
    I was told that because i can still do a job day in and day out. I wouldnt be med discharged.
    Its now up to my unit to keep me or find me employment else where.
    So if im to be admin discharged following the above, what compo would i be likely to get???
    My injury (right knee) occured before the AFCS in 2005, so i know i will be up for a War pension on leaving.
    But because my right knee has been compensating for my left , my left got worse in 2007( developing arthritos, and had a opp,
    so i applied for compo on the AFCS and had a reply saying that because the injury was related to the first,
    i would have to wait till i leave the forces to apply to see how bad it worsens.
    I understand that through a med discharge you would get a lump sum payout, but would i be entiled to a lumpsum payout if im to be admin discharged???

    I have served 10 years and only 9 count, i am on the old pension scheme , thanks very much
  2. Your ability to claim under the AFCS has little to do with your type of discharge - except that in some cases they will automatically start the claim for you. Hell, you can be awarded a claim under AFCS and still be in.

    I'd suggest you talk to the experts rather than waiting for advice on here. Unless Sluggy is sober. In which case I'd duck and hide because she's getting (even more) vicious as she approaches retirement!
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  3. Im going to give the legion a ring tomorrow, thanks for replying
  4. thanks for the help, i rang the legion, basically you dont get a payout from the army if your admin discharged. Which is poo.
    Can only make a claim when i get out. Its them saving money.
    Oh well just have to stick at it for abit longer
  5. the regulations unless they changed drastically state that a soldier canot be given and admin discharge if they should be given a medical discharge, so despite occ health say you can work if your not up to the MES for your job then its retrade/rebadge and if that isnt possible back to the mo and say no dice (you have to ask for everything) they will thn draw up the paperwork and kick you to the touch line.

    as for pension stuff, if you find out your getting admin binned via your unit theres a procedure for you to claim unfair treatment and request a tribunal hearing to give you a pension award, basically its the back dorr method of getitng something you should of had anyway, doesnt always apply and if your some kind of admin nightmare they just change the wording on the applications for discharge.
  6. Whoever you spoke to at la Legion is talking round spherical things. Or, at least, fundamentally misunderstanding stuff. Firstly, yes, admin discharge does not entitle you to a payout. Except the resettlement grant if you had 12 years in. However, your type of discharge does not affect fundamentally your claim under WPS or AFCS, just the way you need to go about it.

    You should have got your "Service Leavers' Pack"? It does explain all this in there.

    Note the complete lack of mention of "medical discharge".

    So you need to make two claims - one under the WPS and one under the AFCS. The AFCS GIP will be reduced by 75% of the War Pension. You need to get the application forms from your admin office or from SPVA. You can (and should) do this before you go - if it happens quickly, you may even get the compo payment before you go (GIP is only payable from day after discharge.) The difference between your admin discharge and a medical discharge, in practical terms, is that you wouldn't need to put in a claim form if you were medicalled out.

    More AFCS details in JSP765.

    War Pension claims forms. AFCS claims form.

    Surely somebody from your unit should be helping you with this? RAWO or Resettlement Officer? Not random blokes on the internet? If there isn't, find a friendly local AGC(SPS) person and bribe them with beer. Or a friendly padre and bribe them with strong liqueur.
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  7. It's not unfair treatment FFS. And, no, it's not a "back dorr", or even a "backdoor" method. The only difference is that if you are getting a medical discharge you don't need to fill out a claim form. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean you are right.
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  8. actually a tier 1 award does require you to fill out the paperwork for any claims, they changed the sytem 2 years ago.

    if its a medical problem your getting sacked for then doign it under admin discharge is a backdoor method and its also unfair, its even in the jsp that deals wiht it all, in fact the DIIN that briefs commanders about the whole process explicitly says that " where a soldier would be adversly affected by being admin discharged they should be put into the medical discharge route and offered every support available to ensure they are not disadvantaged"

    so yes its ******* well is unfair to admin discharge someone and he bloody well should be getting a tribuanl arranged to **** it off at the high port and get him whats due!
  9. Can't find the DIN (if you've got a number that would be nice) but this could be PAP10, for example 1211(d) rather than (c) - hence admin rather than medical discharge.
  10. yes it could it all depends on the circumstances, the problem is that the CoC is meant ot do there job and tell the person in simple terms why there under what there under not just fob them off, and go down the cheapest route.

    theres a real danger that a qualifying case will slip throguh the net and get given bad treatment resulting in a full court battle to get back what they should of had in the first place, and a lot of bad press to boot.

    sorry i dont have the diin numbers i no longer have acess to the sytem but the uao's should have hardcopies on file id not on the pap 10 notice bored every unit was meant ot produce and shove in a promeinent workplace area to give the troops the ability to read it all
  11. Thanks for all the info its a help. I havnt recieved a leavers pack as im not up as yet for a admin discharge. My oc is happy for me to keep doing a desk job.
    So im looking prob at the redunencies in feb. I have been trying to get hold of my RCMO but no luck as yet.
    Thanks again peeps
  12. Leavers pack & other useful info is available via dii
  13. Is this process a cynical method by the army to get rid of people?And how can u "admin discharge" someone on medical grounds??Unless the unit writes a shit report on the soldier???and is it legal for them to do so??
    Can somebody shed light on this???
  14. someone with asthma or diabeties or any number of other illnesses will be medically unfit for service but have no reason not to lead a fullfilling life in another occupation, there would be no reason to keep them in service or pay a paension under such circumstances and as such its an admin discharge under medical reasons.

    another scenario would be, you get injured downgraded P0 have an operation to fix it go through the rehab process and at the 6 month point it is identified your not likely ot be back at full health withing the 12 month time limit, the admin discharge is processed but by hte time you leave your already back at full health, again its purely or admin reasons based on a medical problem and theres litle or nothing wrong with you.

    the problem is certain units use the procesess to get rid of troublesome people when they should of forced a full med discharge.

    theres other scenarios that would fit and compy wiht the system, someone with a grading of P3 or P7 can be discharged under admin grounds if the PES is higher and there downgrading lasted more than the allowed time limit.

    and for most people given an admin discharge on medical grounds there allowed ot wait 12 months from date of discharge and re apply for further service when so long as they have been problem free for 12 months there likely after investigation to be re-admited to service.

    people given a full MD normally have either a 5 year or permanent bar on furthre service.