compliments from ta/reg to acf

just wanted to know what everyone thinks, i am not acf before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion! i am taking away some of my soldiers and we are helping out on an acf summer camp and i have been asked a bone question to which i do not know the answer!

Should a member of TA/Reg army salute an acf officer of a higher rank?? balls in your court chaps.
I would expect he would be saluting the rank not the officer. So yes would be my answer. Would I salute an officer from the ACF, would I fcuk. Tantermount to saluting a girl guide.
i totally agree, you are saluting the rank, not the individual, but acf officers are all acting, so will my troops be saluting acf officers, will they fcuk. so going on this theory, acf cadets shouldnt even be saluting them as well????
We'll be expected to salute Officers in the Sally army next! Tisk tisk.
I'd say yes for all of the above reasons and more to the point to set a decent example to the cadets on camp, just play the game as the saying goes.

I'm sure you have saluted many a regular officer that you didn't believe deserved it, but threw one up regardless, as a previous poster said the ACF officers are acting so get your boys to act to.

In that case I'd probably throw one up ONCE in front of the cadets then go and scrub myself with a bash broom and some detol.
They're commissioned as ours are - you salute the Queen's commission, thereby police officers are eligible too - so I'm told
I'd rather do a Deepcut than salute a copper.

On that note, at which point in a coppers career does he get to be saluted?

Does PC blogs salute PC fannybaws when they go to work in the morning?

Lastly, is it a Queens commission, or is it something handed out with a happy meal?


I have nothing against the ACF, but they are not a part of the army. They are a youth organisation BASED on the army and their rank structure only applies to the ACF.

IF an ACF officer were to train to the same extent as a reg/TA officer, and IF an ACF officer could be sent to war, then we should salute them.
Arnt Cadet Officers Substantive Lt, and acting in any higher ranks? It was something i think i read on the ACF board.

If thats true, a salute would be required i imagine. Or just dont bother, they probably wont pull you up for it.

i beleive all commission should eb saluted regardless of what organisation.
"You salute the rank not the man"

cadet pick up on any disrespect accorded to servicemen and acf officers it is better to do for appearance sake.
i have no beef in private if i am an officer and is not saluted , however in front of cadet yes you should.
FFS it is an arm movment.

Does it really matter.

I remember when i was a cadet, we used to wind the officers up by saluting them all the time. The effect of being an officer soon wore off.

We also had an officer who had a withered arm so couldnt salute back.

That was about it for a training night.
mumble said:
semper, you a acf officer
no ..........not yet and like i said i have no beef, i usually take my rank for what it is an internal appointment ,

read appointment not rank

all ACF officers are the TA list , like others said just play the game and do it front of cadets , in the mess i have no worries and would stand my round for any Regs/TA who is willing to come down and help out
I am certain that you have to salute ACF officers . Did a cadet camp once , from what i remember we saluted all the officers in the morning and did'nt bother after that .Sorry still not too sure on the official line .
So who else do you salute , apart from Regular and Reserve Forces Officers?
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