Complicated Commitment Bonus- Please Help

I wonder if anyone could help me......

I served 5 years between Jun 1997 and Jun 2002 and claimed my three year bounty in about 2000 sometime.

I then left in 2002. I then rejoined after a period of six years in July 08. I have now served a further three years.

Am i entitled to a commitment bonus and if so how much?

I hope this makes sense.

ps, its my first post please be gentle.
The gentle answer is no more CBs

JSP 754
Commitment Bonuses/Breaks in Service
07.0110. Where a break in service occurs and a Service Person has
received any CB payment(s) this will affect the individual’s eligibility to receive
any further CB payments. A Service Person whose break in service exceeds
30 days, and who have previously received all or part of a CB are not eligible
to receive any further CB payments. Where the break in service does not
exceed 30 days, service will be deemed to be continuous. A Service Person
who has not received any CB payment during previous Service and who
subsequently rejoins after more than 30 days break will be eligible to receive
CB payments under the scheme current at the time of re-joining subject to
completion of full qualifying criteria from date of re-entry.
Oh great. I find that pretty unfair.

Thanks very much for the reply, you have been very helpful.

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