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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kit_Monkey, May 11, 2011.

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  1. If you were to compile an album for Terry Taliban what tracks would you like to see listed ?
    Heres a couple or so to get the ball rolling

    My gods bigger than your god - Anti-Nowhere League
    Shoot to thrill - AC/DC
    Crusader - Saxon
  2. Road to Nowhere -- Talking Heads
  3. It's already been made, Carpenters Gold: Greatest Hits.
  4. Jdam's keep falling on my head
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  5. Die motherfucker die - Dope

    Summer holiday - Cliff Richard
  6. tonight I am going to dance like its 1399
  7. The Cure - Killing an Arab
  8. Gramps

    Gramps Old-Salt Reviewer

    Church of the poison mind - Culture Club

    Dynamite - Jermaine Jackson
  9. Judging by their boy love antics is say the following as well.

    Dude looks like a lady - Aerosmith

    Enter Sandman - Metalica (fnar fnar)
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  10. highway to hell - AC/DC
  11. Civil War - Gun's n Roses.
  12. Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis.
  13. Anything by the B-52s....