Completion of Phase 1 Training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by toffeeman, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Alright Lads,

    Just wondering whats happens upon completion of Phase 1 Training. Do you have a parade or is it a simple 'You've passed Phase 1 see you at Phase 2'?
  2. You have a Passing Out Parade, to which you can invite you're family and friends.

    It will be the proudest day of your life!
  3. Cheers Rizzle,

    I was under the impression the pass out parade was after my 28 weeks phase 1 & 2 training.
  4. If your going to the infantry at Catterick your pass off will be after the 24,26 or 28 week depending on what your joining, on your last day at ITB (or ITC which ever you want to use)
  5. ''If your going to the infantry at Catterick your pass off will be after the 24/26 week, on your last day at ITB (or ITC which ever you want to use) ''

    Yes i'm going in as Infantry. What's likely to happen after Phase 1 then?
  6. Its all combined into one phase really! It isn't split as as your not going to train for a role as such, you'll be doing loads of infantry things! :D

    I'm joining as a CMT so i do my 17 week basic at Pirbright then I'm off the Keogh Bk's to train as a medic, So mine is split into 2 phase's if you get what I mean :?
  7. What you joining?
  8. Light Role Infantry in the Irish Guards.

    Yeah i was aware both Phases were combined into the 'Combat Infantryman's Course' just wasn't sure what happens between Phase 1 & 2.

  9. you get a bit of leave, if they decide to give you it, they like to change things!!!

    I know what goes on with the guards there thats why I asked, dont know what goes on with the others though.
    You will love every minute of it there, well when its over you will.

    P.s when you've passed out and go to the naffie for drinks, the quicker you all get the instructors drunk the quicker they will let you all go home! so make sure you buy them lots of

    Good luck and enjoy yourself, x
  10. Cheers Mrs Sting,

    Can't wait to be honest, the arl office job's putting years on me!

    Good luck to you too.
  11. There is no such thing as phase one and two at ITC (C) anymore its the combat infantrymans course which for everyday infantry is 26 weeks Para's 26 weeks and gaurds 28 weeks. The 2 weeks leave you get is just to break the course up not to split the phases. At ITC you are learning all the way to final excercise then that is when you are tested. Believe me i know im a section commander down there so if anyone else tells you anything else they are talking through thier arse.
  12. Don't worry Toffeeman, because of the lack of men due to Afghan/Iraq they have now slashed the Trg time. The programme is now;

    1. Phase One - Go to the Careers office and tell the nasty man you want in.
    2. Phase Two - Get to your Trg Depot and say "Hi"
    3. Phase Three - Go to the clothing store were they will make you "look" like a soldier.
    4. Phase Four - Send you out to Afghan with a Rifle (Point the small end towards the bad men) and by the end of the tour you (Hopefully) will be fully trained (As long as you don't threaten the lives of two many of your peers!)

    Good luck
  13. That sounds about right actually MMS!

    The officer who conducted my final interview informed me that Training is likely to be cut in the near future, I asked him how much by and his words were ''If I tell you I’ll have to kill you'', needless to say i withdrew my question (I don't think he was the sharing type!).

    Just out of curiosity, how many friends/family can attend my pass out parade?
  14. I'm being sent to catterick, even though i'm joining artillery, does this mean i'll do my 14 weeks there and then move on to larkill for my 12 weeks phase 2? Sure hope it does.
  15. Hey Toffeeman seems we both are joining light role in the Irish Guards mate.I start basic 9th march :lol: