Completion of CRs by other services.................

Can any of the well versed members confirm if there is a training package for completion of CR's? I know that if you are not reported on by an officer from your Corps then one must be found for Part 3 however what if your 2nd Line Manager (CO) completing Part 2 is from another Service?

Do they get trained on how the Army procedure works? As a Line Manager of Civil Servants I have had to complete 5 courses to manage, write reports and generally look after them. As the Light and Dark Blue have vastly different career structures to the Green Machine the way they write reports is correspondingly different.

I know of several who "will not be told how to write reports," often not intending to harm careers but wording pen pictures that paint a different picture when viewed through DPM Goggles. As the Pen Picture is the most important part of the report, especially Part 2, would just like to know that our lives are safe in their hands................
My part two was done by a navy guy who had no clue on what to do and practically refused to do it as he has never done one for any of "his men" before so why should he be writing mine!!!.

He had to be educated on how we do reports, I printed the CR guidelines and left it for him to sort out. He had it for 3 months!!!! A swift call from the Col who was doing my part 3 got him sorted out rather rapidly and was warned if he was late doing my next one that the concequences would be dire. In the end still had no idea what he was doing and my RAF Sgt ended up witing the pen picture - and quite good it was too... :)

Your best bet without trying to put their noses out of joint is to print the guidelines and give them copies of previous reports.

Hope this helps
There is a course: the Adjts and G1 Staff Officers Course at Worthy Down is highly recommended to those Light and Dark Blue officers who find themselves in the position of having to write CRs (or, indeed, SJARs or OJARs) on Army subordinates - despite the course title, they are quite used to seeing more senior officers from the Sister Services in the classes and it's good kudos to those officers that they make the effort to learn.

Remember, folks, it flows both ways and I know for a fact that RAF Innsworth welcomes Sister Service observers (with a need to know) at gradings boards, although whether they offer training on the writing of RAF reports, I don't know.

However, if you have a 1 or 2RO who "just won't learn", well that's no better (and no worse) than having a green officer who doesn't know his business. Thankfully, that's what the 3RO is for and if your 2RO isn't Army (or, indeed, in the same Corps as you) then input at 3RO level is essential (and mandatory!). Make a point of getting to know your 3RO by hook or by crook and he or she will make sure your 2RO pens words appropriate to service and performance.

Haven't done an OR's CR for a brown job yet, but I have done a couple of RAF SNCOs' ones - biggest issue was that admin (clerks) generally only get reported on by RAF Admin Officers who have a reputation for over-marking like hell. When I discussed my intended report with admin SNCO he complained that I would have knocked his promotion back by 2 years. 2RO was a brit Lt Col, who followed same line as me. Only redress possible was to put an RAF Admin Wg Cdr as 3RO, and even then all he could write was: 'I agree the remarks and recommendations of the very experienced 1RO (RN) & 2RO (Army), but note that neither of them are RAF Admin Branch' !! Chief Clerkin UPO was an Admin Flt Sgt who admitted that Admin Branch reputation in RAF is horrendous over-markers ...

OJARs should make no difference what service subject or any of the ROs is - that's the complete point of them. My last reports that got me last promotion were UK Col as 1RO, 2* USA as 2RO and Rear Admiral as 3RO - the system does work!

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