Completed BARB-Further advice?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by tiimofly, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I see alot of topic's on here that generate alot of anger and confusion. Something I am hoping to stay well clear of with my post, so here goes.

    I have recently passed my BARB test with a score of 65. With a base score of 55 to gain entry into the INT corps, I feel this is a step in the right direction.
    I am now in the process of putting my medical paperwork through, and fingers crossed it won't take too long!

    Im just hoping to get some advice on what will happen next, and anyone's general insight into Phase 1 selection and Phase 2 selection down at Chicksands.

    Also, if anyone has any rough guidelines as to how long the whole process will take (presuming I pass Phase 2 selection) until I start basic.

    And yes, I realise there is alot of opinions on INT corps, and I ask that you keep that to yourself as this is my chosen career path. I have thought long and ardously about this.

    My future goals are to ideally serve 3 years in the INT corps, and eventually attend the 30 week Marine Commando selection at Lympstone, eventually ending up enrolling myself on the SAS selection board at Hereford.
    These might seem unrealistic goals to you, but I have complete determination in my choices. All I am asking is that if anyone has been through a similar process, or anything near to, then please give me some positive feedback.

    I thankyou for your time,

  2. That is a wise choice, if sucessful it would lead naturally to MI6, the NASA astronaut program or TV journalism.

    Had you considered 49 Para as an alternative?
  3. you won't get very far as a Super Army Soldier if your observation skills aren't up to scratch. enquiries like this go in the recruiting / familiarisation sticky.

    having said that, i'm not going to lock this thread (yet) because i sense others may have comments they wish to share.

    weapons free. :)
  4. Surely SBS would be the natural progression if you intend to do the full Commando Course and not just the AACC, whereas SAS would be the preferred option if you follow Sub’s advice and go down the 49 Para route.
  5. Another BARB Genius? Surely not, not even CR could be that bored? Or could he................................?

    If not then young Tim's aspiratons sound just fine and he will not end up bald from beret wearing, slightly stooped from hunching over a map board, with shagged knees from too much running, dodgy eyes from being locked in darkened rooms for too long and an alcohol ravaged body from well, too much alcohol-and that's just the women.
  6. Jesus...
  7. My fingers are itching to open up on this, but to be frank, I can't really be fecking bothered. :roll: :roll: :roll: :x
  8. In fact, fuck it.

    Why do 3 years in the Int Corps as preparation for doing the 30 week commando selection at Lympstone?

    First, its 32 weeks, second, its training not selection, third, that route is called transfering to the Marines. Why not just join the marines first off. What do you think you are going to gain by joining the Int Corps first?

    Another bit of advice, if you have designs on going SF, don't go shouting your mouth off about it. Keep it to yourself and then quietly go off and attempt it later in life. You will not look like such a dick if you become one of the 90 odd % who fail.

    Now without sounding like a bitter and twisted old git, I can give you some advice. If you really want to be a Royal Marine and also do int related work. Join the booties and go down the CI branch route.
  9. 14 minutes minus a little typing time - impressive willpower?
  10. well i must say this has brightened up what was a very dull day :)
  11. i'm glad i didn't lock it :D
  12. so are we :twisted:
  13. You can't lock the thread now, not when Tim's had a bite from eye_spy already. :)
  14. god no this could turn out to be very interesting, especially as he asked to keep our opinions to ourselves about the Int Corp then tells us he wants to do 2 of the most demanding military courses in the world i would guess. bring it on!!!!!
  15. I am curious young Tiimofly - are you perhaps thinking ahead to a career post-HM Forces and formulating your CV at such an early stage based on the assumption that by having "Per Mare Per Terras" (stolen from my Clan incidentally)and Stead and Simpson in addition to the Corps as background, you would immediately walk into whatever top job was available ?

    You need to get plenty of experience and credibility first before either of the organisations would consider you.