Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TomSmytheUK, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Says on my packing list 'COMPLETE TOILET KIT' could someone tell me what exactly will need to go into this 'COMPLETE TOILET KIT' before I go down to homebase and buy a toilet, bath and sink.

  2. washing & Shaving kit, toothbrush etc.
    All you need to prevent being fes.
  3. A shower may be useful as well. Haven’t had a bath in years. I think it was PSBC after coming off an exercise, woke up and the water was cold.

    And some copper pipe may the a good idea.
  4. WHAAA you have time to wash these days????????? i finished my last op loking like grizzly adams and went straight on the Piss
  5. Urm, Use your brain!

    Whats it for, to go to phase 1 or to go on exercise?

    Phase 1:

    Shaving Gel
    Shower Gel


    Wet Wipes
    Shave Stick
    Toothbrush & paste

  6. Nice one, thanks.
  7. I'm sorry, but is this for real, or is a wah? Are we reduced to telling people what kit they need to have to have a ferking wash? WTF have you been using up until now?

  8. Don't forget some comfy-bum.

    I also find that a towel comes in handy. Also a mirror and don't forget to pack a plug.

    Foot powder could come under the heading of toilet kit, at a stretch.

    If you're going to be in the field and you use a mains-powered electric shaver, also take a leisure battery (much easier to carry than a standard car battery) and a 12v/240v inverter.
  9. You'll need one of these mate:


    Murder trying to get it into your webbing. Took me ages! 8O

  10. Are you practising having 'that time of the month' Legs?
  11. Or, leave Sellafield at home and take one of these: Philips HQ 40


    About £10 and takes 2 AA batteries (often available from Man at Q & M)
  12. Electric shaver are for dirty grots. Use a messtin like everyone else...
  13. Could be.... :oops:

    In fact, on seeing the title I was expecting someone to be ranting about something they'd been issued by the QM.

    I was issued a w@nk bit of toilet kit many, many years ago (pre-birth it was). I don't want it anymore.... :wink:
  14. How do you shave with a mess tin? Do you sharpen one of the edges? Isnt it a bit cumbersome? why not just use a razor
  15. A razors fine but you will always have your mess tins with you.....

    Or was it a wah? :roll: