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Complete Skydiving rig - awaiting offers


Kit Reviewer
Complete rig for sale - offers ?

Container: Talon 2 (custom)
Main: Icarus EXTreme FX 69' ZPO - (Max safe weight 152 lbs)
Reserve: As main.
Spectra lines, mini-risers/rings, kill-line collapsible pilot chute, collapsible slider. Fitted for CYPRES aad. NB. No CYPRES fitted.
Only used once.
Never been opened. (Slightly stained.)
Max weight 150lbs - that's me out of the running then.

Never been opened and slightly stained? Was it a close call then Cuts or did you steal it off the body?
Anything smaller than a 150 and I'm going to overload it. Must cut down on the pies. But if the lowest offer so far is a fiver, I could make a bid I supose. How desperate are you to get rid of it?

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