Complete non-story backed up by usual journalistic nonsense

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Apparently the Brazilian shot on the Underground was shot with "Dum dum" bullets:

    The Torygraph makes great pains to mention that their use is banned under the Hague convention. So what?

    I, for one, am glad that the rozzers are using JHP rather than FMJ - just imagine the outcry if a bystander were to be killed due to over-penetration (for which 9mm Para FMJ is famous).

    According to the Journo, hollow point bullets are... "designed to splinter in the body". What complete and utter rot! Also," the effect on victims is devastating". Isn't that the point?

    It's tragic that the chap died, as has been discussed at great length, but non-stories like this are only going to endanger innocent people's lives if they force the police to use FMJ for political reasons rather than choosing the right bullet for the job.

  2. I can't help thinking that if the plod had said they shot him because he had overstayed his visa and was therefore an illegal immigrant, we would have a lot fewer Australians working in bars in London :wink:

  3. Does it even matter about the Hague convention? This being a specific police operation rather than military warfare?

    The fact that a round is designed to drop the intended target as effective manner yet avoid innocent injuries is surely important for this role?

    Yes, the Brazilian was just an innocent, but I get the feeling the liberal pinkos will use this as an excuse to ban almost anything. A bit like the banning of hand guns in UK sas a knee jerk reaction, so it this. If it had been a terrorist that had been killed this wouldn't even have come up.
  4. On the subject of "non news" I watched 30 mins of a plane going round and round an airport in america today on Sky news. They made frequent reference to their "friends" at Fox, who were covering the "event". The plane landed safely in the end. But not before various journos mouthed off on TV.

    The way they were talking you'd have thought they had made hundreds of "belly flop" landings and were all ace pilots, googling all manner of statistics like how many times this type of aircraft had crashed in the 30 odd years of use. One "expert" stated that the aircraft was designed to land on it's belly... Er, no, I think you'll find it is designed to land on its wheels, one of which wont come down.

    One guy even pointed out that if you landed the aircraft with only one wheel down (at this point they were talking about whether the pilot should land with one wheel or just belly flop) then it would save a great deal of maintainence on the engine that had the wheel under it!!!! You what? I'm sure the spanner monkies wont mind an extra hour or two work as long as everyone walks away!!!

    After much talk of sparks and flames the plane finally touched down. The commentator almost sounded upset that the plane hadn't cartwheeled in to a fuel compound and exploded!!!

    Why did I watch? I wanted at least one person watching to hope and prey they'd touch down safely, and root for the pilot to make a perfect landing without flames and explosions.

    Hope that person was happy.
  5. That was my point. It was a completely irrelevant remark made by the journo.
  6. I know his death was a total cock up, but watching the plod in downtown Rio topping street kids.........
    As for wadcutters/dum dums/expanding ammo they have been in use by UK plod for ages and so they should! Yet another poor story from A very poor newspaper
  7. There was a discussion about this on a mountain biking website I use and some of the folk on there, obviously without a clue on the subject were asking why the police didn't just shoot weapons out of a bad guys hands!

    Fecking civvies....
  8. Might have been even more difficult than usual in the case of the Brazilian since he was unarmed in the first place. :D
  9. Is there a difference between frangible rounds and these hollow-point rounds? When I was doing Protection of Key Installations duty a couple of years ago, I was issued frangible rounds instead of the normal ball rounds. I was told that the frangible rounds are very soft and hence will prevent over penetration. :?:
  10. JHP is designed to expand, rather than fragment, thus transferring more of its energy into the target.

    Frangible rounds are designed to fragment within the target, in order to reduce over-penetration, or the round passing completely through the target eg; Glaser safety Rounds: