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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lewis2009, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Ok so I went into my recruitment office today and signed contact papers/applications asking whether I'd applied before etc and then had my height and weight taken.

    I was then told I'd either be contacted or I was to turn up to my local TA's parade tomorrow night and ask for a certain someone.

    Any idea what tomorrow will entail, what will happen when I go along and meet this person ? I'm both nervous and excited :)
  2. You'll sit in a side room with some other lads for a while. Then you will have an interview. You might get shown around a bit and afterwards you'll go home with a big stack of paperwork.

    You might even get invited to the bar afterwards.
  3. Have a shave, turn up and be polite, basically!

    You should probably have an interview and fill out some paperwork. Do ask any questions you might have, and just show some enthusiasm.

    You will be handed some application paperwork - and lots of it - to be getting on with afterward. Along with some medical documents to take to your doc. You may also get a tour of the building, and other specific to unit info.
  4. Ah yes, I forgot the most important bit there :wink:
  5. Don't worry, we were all new to the army once including the person you're going to meet, so it's just like any other job interview; smart, enthusiatic & answer everything asked of you.

    Sure you'll be fine & before you know it you'll be marching off a parade square somewhere having completed phase 1 training. :)
  6. I've had a couple army interviews before, but nothing as kind of 'serious' as this.

    I guess I'm just optimistic, as the guys in the careers office as polite and nice they were, didn't tell me much apart from that they'd pass my details on to the guy at my local detachment and he may ring me or I just turn up at 7ish tomorrow and ask for a guy. Didn't mention was it was formal/informal or anything, rather confusing.

    So It'll be an interview, and I'll get stacks of paper work ? I would go to the bar, but I'm not of 'legal' age ;)

    I'm nervous I guess, as I have no idea what to expect. When will I next be expected to parade, when's kit issue and is this in bulk or bit by bit ?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    All will be explained tomorrow. Worry not.

  8. Thanks for the spot on replies :)

    Anyone got anymore advice they can offer me ?

    Also apologies for being an egotistical tit yesterday :)
  9. Just be yourself.
  10. Just turn up, be yourself and relax, your a LONG WAY OFF from being a squaddie yet son, just enjoy it mate.
  11. Right, I'm back.

    All went well, just very informal and kind of casual. Went through the basic setup how after I've sent in my application I'll be given another form that I have to give to the Doctors. After that I go away for the selection thing and have medical's done. Then swear on oath and start Phase One at which point I'll start getting paid.

    I've nearly finished my application, as I've done one previously, however he insisted that I read it thoroughly etc and hand it to him next tuesday. He did mention he was in the office tomorrow though, so If I hand it in tomorrow will he think I'm ultra keen ? :)
  12. How long will it be until I have a medical after I've put my application in ?
  13. Sorry for all the questions, I'm just excited :)
  14. So just do what he told you to do.
  15. Will do :)

    Any idea how long until my medical will be after I've handed in my application ?