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Complaints to CBBC

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by JimmyNeutron, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Linky

    Anyone else think this is a bit too much?

    Edited to add - If the BBC don't tell the retards who complained to feck off they should be ashamed of themselves.
  2. I have three daughters aged 6, 5 , and 3, so CBBC and ceebeebies are a permanent background feature. The youngest was over heard saying "She's lost her hand", cue the oldest explaining that some people are different.
    Children are not fazed by disabilities in my experience, if anything they are curious and just straight out ask why someone is the way they are.
    The oldest two years ago ran straight up to a guy at the beach with a Prosthetic leg and asked if he was a robot? The young lad to his credit told her How (thankfully not in graphic detail) he had lost it due to accident.
    I think this is more about over sensitive parents.
  3. Couldn't agree more, and the more people wrap their kids in bubble wrap the worse off we will all be.

    Kids are far more likey to accept change and differences than adults, this "fear" that the parents are speaking of seems to be their own and not their kids.
  4. ;

    Forget stumpy

    Anyone else think Sarah Jane is fit??

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  5. Most of the reported comments on the BBC site seemed to be from parents who had not allowed their children to view the programmes in case they were affected (or more likely in case they actually had to do some positive parenting and explain why the presenter only has one arm.)
    Most children take such things in their stride, so much of life is a new experience to them. It will give children the chance to see from an early age that we can be different and that we should be tolerant of difference. I find it incredible that some parents could be so cruel to this poor girl, it's not her fault she was born with only part of an arm, can you imagine if that was an ex-soldier, the outrage would be enormous and justifiably so. Her presence on the BBC should give hope to disabled servicemen and civilians alike, there is normalcy to be had and there are plenty of employers willing to employ the disabled.
  6. No let's not. I'd still do it, arm or not.
  7. Indeed. I hope the BBC grow a pair and fight her corner.
  8. Really? I'd rather Mr Tumbles gave me a lapdance

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  9. Apparently her first job , aged 18, was as a contorsionist?

  10. ;

    Is that her at 18? Jesus, improved since
  11. recent one ... aged 35.... must be the copious amounts of technicolor on CBBC that disguises the wrinkles
  12. Very off topic. Yes what a stunner. Little honey next door, with the ever-so shaggable bod, look.


    Back on topic.
    Load of PC bollox. Probably a good presenter and cute to boot. The kids will be watching CBBC again.
  13. oh yes
    though i'm a bigger fan of beth on five
    the one on the left

    re: the disabled lass on cbbc, she turns me off because she's so fucking earnest
    stop trying too hard and you'll be fine
    just relax a bit

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  14. I honestly cant see what the fuss is about, its not as if they are expecting her to juggle FFS.
  15. It'd be worth the licence fee to see the PC brigades reaction if she was to whip out a selection of snap-on hand attachments ,like a set of 'scissor hands' or a plug-in paint brush for the 'Here's one we made earlier' part of the programme.