Complaints Procedure Mismanagement of Career

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tehotherhalf, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know how and where to complain if you feel your career has been mismanaged.

    Twenty years served and NO explanantion why not been promoted over Cpl.

    Promise's made countless times over the years,even got LSGC (so not been a bad boy).Was short term sick for 6 months while on a posting but am not in any way downgraded.

    Qualified for Sgt due to instructor posting, recruiting posting and Warrior sgt courses as well as others.

    Even have a qualification that would enable me to be CSGT lol.

  2. What he said
  3. Anyone else? out of battalion.
  4. you could ask for an interview with your desk officer at MCM Div.
  5. Nope - RCMO. It's his job.

    If you tried to circumvent the system, your RCMO may not be too chuffed with you (when he finds out - and he will) and you may find that any progress you may have made will rapidly disappear.

    If, of course, you think that you career has been mismanaged due to the actions of the RCMO, then speak to your chain of command.

    If, you think that your chain of command are responsible for mismanaging your career, then it's time to consider that your career may not have been mismanaged at all.

    As I said. RCMO.
  6. Sorry FF, but a Cpl getting an interview with a desk officer at APC?

    They would be overun - and it's not as if they've got loads of time to spare as it is.
  7. 20 yrs service and you're only thinking about your promotion prospects (or apparant lack of them) now? Be prepared from some uncomfortable news mate. What sort of CR's were you getting?
  8. Surely you have the MCM Div road show, in which you can request an interview with your desk officer, my lot do the rounds a couple of times a year.
  9. CR

    1 bad CR for last 6 months of a posting,was home on sick nearly lost a leg and the person who wrote the CR didnt even work alongside with.
  10. I believe that all soldiers, including those serving at E2, are covered by a RCMO. Approach your first RO or second RO and see what they can arrange.

    There is no room for mis-management but you may have to consider what BD said!
  11. Why do you need an explanation? If they wote CR's on you and you did not redress any of them (then you were happy with them), then subsequently year on year they sent those CR's to MCM and you were boarded against your peers, then quite simply you werent as good.

    If however your CR's did not get to MCM for the boards or some other cock up, then yes your career was mismanaged. In all honesty 20 years down the line sounds like sour grapes to me, you should have flagged it up by redress/career interview well before now pal.
  12. The 20 year point does seem a bit late in the day to be honest.
  13. You should have swallowed instead of spitting...
  14. Exactly. If you still haven't come off the Sgt board by your 15/16/17 year point then (if you like the poster feel you're good enough) you should be requesting career interviews all over the place, not your 20 year point when you've passed your sell by date.

    Qualified to 2 ranks above or not, if your CR aint popping its head above the parapet on the board year after year, then mediocrity and the same rank is where you reside (ceiling reached??). Its dog eat dog, career management works both ways pal, maybe you should send a letter addressed to yourself for mis-managing your own career i.e. not flagging this up 5 years ago!!! :roll: