Complaints about RAF night flights into Birmingham

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheel, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Just heard on BBC Midlands today that people are complaining about RAF planes landing in Birmingham airport at night. These flights are bringing wounded service personel to Selly Oak Hospital. Reports suggest as many as 20 flights since begining of August.

    Wonder if the same people would complain if it was one of their loved ones on the plane needing urgent hospital treatments.

    What are your views on this ?.
  2. Do they know they are AeroMed flights?
  3. Just seen it on the News and to be fair everyone seems to saying tough you'll have to put up with the noise including the spokesman from Birmingham airport. The locals interviewed didn't seem to mind either when thy knew what the flights were for.
  4. They are told what the flights are when they ring the airport. Some enviroment spokesman refused to appear on the BBC saying it was a very sensitive issue but people were loosing sleep and their hoses and possesions were vibrating due to the noise.
  5. If these really are flights with wounded service personnel on board, I'd remind those complaining of what the Chinese say in such circumstances: "Toph shii!"

  6. My point is there is a great deal of sympathy here for our wounded returning. I'm sure once they are told what the flights are, they will be supportive.

    Well except some of those in 750 Grand pads in Solihull and Meriden perhaps
  7. It's disgracefull. Those getting wounded should have more consideration and arrange to get injured at a more convenient time of day, hopefully this will appease the poor residents of Birmingham. As for the RAF, surely they could fly those vintage aircraft back faster (possibly improving the power to weight ratio by removing an engine) and land during the day. Blockade the airport I say ...kin t*ssers.

    Unfortunately another example of how little the majority of the population actually know and understand what is happening (in their name) and the consequences for the Armed Forces. Perhaps one should have the courage to appear on TV to state the case for delaying flights to the daytime.

  8. All of the people bar one interviewed in the street did not have a problem with the flights.
  9. [​IMG]




    Maybe the grockles that are complaining should have a look at the traffic during the day as well.

    A close friend says the cabs arrive very frequent now unfortunately.

    Edited to resize because they were massive!
  10. Thanks Flash , a strong and poignant reminder. I'm seeing more low and slow Puma overflights inbound Selly Oak as well as hearing the C-17's overhead in the pattern at 0400 :(
  12. Those making the complaints should be asked whether they stand by their comments after the purpose of the flights is made clear to them. If so, they should be publicly named.

    But this does beg the question - why are these flights landing at night?
  13. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Surely the question should be "why are our soldiers being flown in at night?"

    That is the real issue. It is a weak, typically Neue Arbeit shilly shally attempt to avert publicity from the returning wounded.
  14. They are landing day and night. The sheer volume is appearing more obvious to the complainers at night though.
  15. Why fly in at night (not day?). Is it a problem with commercial traffic rights? Does the airport normally open at night, or is the MoD paying mucho overtime +