Complaints about gas and electricity suppliers - In England

Before 1 October, if you had a complaint about your gas or electricity supplier, you could complain to energywatch.
From 1 October, energywatch no longer exists and you will have to complain to your gas or electricity supplier. Gas and electricity suppliers must now have a procedure for dealing with complaints. You should be able to get a copy of this procedure from your supplier's website. You can get help and advice about making a complaint from Consumer Direct.
There are special arrangements for customers who have been disconnected or have been threatened with disconnection or who are considered vulnerable. Customers who are considered vulnerable include people who are physically or mentally disabled, have poor English skills or difficult personal circumstances.
There is a new consumer watchdog called Consumer Focus which is responsible for protecting the interests of gas and electricity consumers. It is also responsible for complaints about postal services. You can't contact Consumer Focus directly.

For more information about Consumer Focus, go to:
Consumer Direct: 08454 040506

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