Complaining Wife


Can anyone help me as my wife cannot understand the importance of arrse. Has anyone got any ideas how I can convince her of its merits.

Start an Arrse Wives thread, so they can bitch and moan to their hearts content :)

Once they've got into that mindset, then you'll be fighting them to get onto the box

Mind you, I think we'd have to police our posts before we let them do that ....

My missus is also keen to find out what the attraction of Arrse is, and I can't keep giving her a duff web address forever :(
Tell her to F#ck off back in the kitchen ;D ;D
Complaining wife?...........stop showing off will you.........I've got one of them as well :D
Put lumps on her! And when she is unconcious you can indulge in some vile european bottom fisting.
I know what you pads are like.


Tell her it is why you pay money out to an ISP, to use the internet, increase your knowledge, to improve your life.. and oh yeah, it's more entertaining than having to talk to her.
In which case, my office ten O clock ;D

I promise you a whole bunch of arse action ;D
I guess you've not seen a Theresa Orlowski film then?

See the NAAFI in the porn section for more info ;D


Why do women have orgasms?

So they can moan during sex as well
What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes?

Nothing you haven't said twice already!
Women only get married in white so they match the rest of the kitchen appliances ;D


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Tell her to mind her own fucking business.

oh and MDN, if it turns out to be female and in any way Asian - twos up?

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