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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. For nigh on a year now (at least) the advert for BBC news has shown a guy holding a mobile phone while getting text message/WAP headlines and for that period of time the main headline has been

    'UK Soldiers beat Iraqi prisoners'

    I have now made an official complaint, the reason is;
    Subliminally; 'that' headline for the 1 or 2 seconds that it appears on screen enforces a message that UK Soldiers beat prisoners and that it is ongoing. This particular headline refers to an incident some 2 years ago.

    I would ask that others take the time to complain (using the phone service as the others do not cover the complaint). Having just completed my third tour of the 'Unpopular Sandy Place' I find it a complete **** you.
  2. Well spotted, but i haven't seen it as i have been away for the last couple of years
  3. Beating prisoners?
  4. I'd like to complain about the amount of totally crap programmes & repeats the BBC ram down our throats - Sky is just as bad though :D
  5. Thats a fair one....

    How about making the complaint? Naturally, with you being a soldier and all you'd feel a little aggrieved wouldn't you at being accused of institutional Human Rights Violations and assault every night in front of a few million viewers?

    How about if your not a soldier (likely); what if a colleague in your factory /office/skill group was accused of kiddie fiddling, you happen to belong to such a group/office/etc and find that you were a feature every night?
  6. No the advert.

    Nor did i see any soldiers beating prisoners - Your Honour.
  7. Letterwritingman, do you wish to see again news about beatings of prisoners by British soldiers? Unlikely. What is the best way to prevent it? To show how ugly such news look.
  8. Spot on KGB R, therefor following that rational I, nor should the BBC object to a slight change of emphasis in that advert. Lets use headlines about Muslim terrorists or dodgy Russian Presidents :D
  9. Unlikely it would not stop the terrorists. Also mr.Putin and his men rarely (if ever) whatch adverts on BBC. By contrast young Britons, potential soldiers would be taught not to beat prisoners and as a result noble image of HM armed forces would not be damaged.

    So BBC works in the right direction.
  10. I hate the BBC with a vengence..
    I complain bitterly about their left wing Liberal anti -American - pro Palistinian views that always seems to taint the BBC News

    I especially got upset with the Alan Johnson affair (BBC journalist)
    There is know doubt the BBC did some deal with Hamas (terrorists - but the BBC call militants or freedom fighters!)

    There is some great web sites to complain about the BBC and you will get lots of sympathy but fcuk all ever gets done - visit their own BBC web page
    you will only get automatic reply - but the arrogant cnuts will just sneer at you neo facist thoughts
    Believe me they will know that the exactly what the TXT message says on the advert....
    worst thing is - We pay for this shit!!
  11. i disagree, i have complained to the BBC on 3 occassions in the last 2 yrs about the negative way in which military personnel are continually potrayed in mainstream BBC dramas, namely Enders and Casualty.

    Each time i have received a prompt and personal reply. Whilst i may not have agreed witht the content, i was satisified with their rationale and responses. IIRC there's a piece in the BBC charter about complaints
  12. I may be going about it the wrong way then..
    I certainly don't get a personel reply in fact I don't think I've had a reply to the complaint - just a 'received you e-mail'

    I know about the Charter but always presumed it was 'ya well - we've got to be seen to be receiving complaints'.

    I know I seem to rant in the above piece but I'm more well behaved and articulate in my response to the complaint so they have no excuse not to reply
  13. Or, it turns them or their parents and family against the Armed Forces and reduces the amount of recruits we have.

    Also in the eyes of various hippy types and other civvies, they start believing that British Soldiers routinely beat prisoners. Of course, that wont stop them screaming for those same beasts to come to their aid when the next round of floods, foot and mouth, fire strike, etc. comes around.

    The text message should be deleted, so the guy is looking at a blank screen or just changed to "news flash".

    I would threaten to not pay my tele tax but I don't pay it, so can't.
  14. Young recruits are already taught not to beat prisoners during training. Its part of the values and standards bit of the syllabus. As the type of incidents that the beeb is refering to are few and far between, and perpetrated low down the chain of command, it would seem that the training is quite adequate?

    I dont think we need the TV to show irresponsible and infammatory adverts like this like this do we? Yes there have been incidents of mistreatment but each time the culprits have been punished and lessons learnt, which is as it should be in a democracy. All the BBC are doing now is reinforcing the negative image that serving personnel have at the moment.
  15. Nothing will ever stop the Islington set in the BBC from pushing an anti-British agenda.

    They have been doing it for years.The guardianistas rule the roost at Bush House.