Competition with flatmate - practical jokes. Ideas needed.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ooh2g, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Alright guys...

    It all started with me placing a gay dating ad as my flatmate, the result being him getting hilarious emails and phonecalls. However, he now knows it was me, and he's out to give me a dose of revenge, but I'm determined to better anything he's got.

    I'm sure this is the right place for a touch of inspiration.
    Any ideas?
  2. cling film under the toilet seat report his bank card stolen..........
  3. watercress seeds on the carpet and water them, empty bog-roll tube fold one end over ,fill with filling of your under bog seat open end facing forward
  4. Quickly put a 9mm pistol in his hand when he is not suspecting then put your head next to the barrel and squeeze his trigger finger. Try getting him to explain that to the local plod

  5. Take all the fuses out of everything in his room.

    Hard boil all his eggs and replace them back in the pack.
  6. Place an egg on the rim of the toilet fat side facing outward. Gently place the seat back down. If he goes for a cxap the egg will end up in his pants.

    Works even better in a ladies loo. Just watch them walking outa there. :D
  7. Does he lock him room?

    Bag of flour burst open in front of door. Borrow a hairdryer. Use hairdryer on cool setting to blow flour under door of your mates room. Covers everything in a film of flour dust. Bugger to clean up cos it goes gooey when damp.

    Alternative use ground up cornflakes. Just as funny, but less likely to knacker his laptop!
  8. shit in microwave - wouldnt do it in my own flat though - we learnt the hard way not to long ago!
    shit anywhere in his kit - pos somewhere he aint gonna look or something he aint gonna use for a while!
    watercress is a good un!
    imac - dont know if thats spelt right - in his shower gel.
    piss in his waterbottles.
    weightloss powder in his protein mix - or - whey gain in his weight loss powder if he's a gym queen.
    super gluing his kit - anything to anything! thats a good snap.
    report his car stolen.
  9. Put roadkill in the bottom of his sleeping bag, then pack it as normal back in his bergen.
  10. Battery acid in the shampoo bottle is a classic
  11. Wait for him to go out then move all his bedroom furniture into the garden and arrange exactly as he had it.
  12. thats a good un i've seen
  13. Report him to the police as dangrous and with a weapon

    it'll cost you £50 fine, but it's worth it!

    the look on his face

  14. Talc down all the airvents of his motor, turn the fan up full, when he turns he key.... you get the idea.

    Buy a cake with chocolate shavings on the top and subsitiute his for ex-lax. Just make sure you eat the right piece. Finnish him off with hot ex-lax chocolate.

    or see:
  15. fish or turd behind his rad in his room or better still fish under the boonet of his car by the vents.