Competition Who can find the biggest mong on Youtube?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shittypants, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Shittypants

    Shittypants Old-Salt

    I nominate this cnut

  2. Rather Worried

    Rather Worried Clanker

  3. I nominate this creature
  4. I nominate this one:

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  5. Wheres you're video pigshyt ?
  6. A post above yours you thick cunt.
  7. uncle_ho

    uncle_ho Guest

    Is this dickhead for real? or is this an extract from some spoof documentary about a total twat?
  8. [wahshield] he's not only real but a regular ARRSE poster.[/wahshield]

    And as Dow is not only the biggest mong on youtube but is plainly the biggest mong on the entire planet, I'm clearly the winner and further competition is pointless. I'd like my prize to be paid in slightly overripe bottle-blonde scrubbers, please.
  9. Been done a few times before (mostly by me) but I can't get enough of this bloke.

    However, seeing as how illesses and ailments are fair game, this guy's on my list too.

  10. uncle_ho

    uncle_ho Guest

    In have seen the name on here but haven't paid much attention to him or his posts. I would like to second your suggestion that you win the 'find the biggest mong on youtube' competition because this guy truly is the biggest throbbing bell end I have come across for a long time. I mean just look at his 2 dress!

    what a fucking belter.
  11. Mugatu

    Mugatu LE

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  12. jvb1988

    jvb1988 War Hero

    I always though the king of the bin smashers ( Mayor of Ipswich) must be high up on the youtube mong stakes. His volucabulary seems to be pretty limited.

    Has a few other videos sayng how wonderful poundland is, that just makes it certifiable.

    I agree MrRandom CVeitch is a gobbling cunt.
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