Competition Shooting

Hello all,

I am looking for an E copy of Pam 20 Competition shooting.
I do understand it may be part of the new version ( 8 i think) of the British Army Battle Box.
Does any1 have a link to it? Can i access the Battle box via online web from home??.
If not does anyone have a nice easy shortcut as to acquire this evasive pam as even my trg wing havnt got one.

Many Thanks.
Unfortunately Pam 20 is not on BattleBox 8, though there is a version of Pam 21 - maybe next year! Never actually seen an e-copy of Pam 20.
irishguard1 said:
I am looking for an E copy of Pam 20 Competition shooting.
What is it you want to know? Nice generalist stuff like "what happens in ARA Match 2?" or ludicrously specialist stuff like "what's the size of a Fig.12c target?".

I used to have one (which I was given legitimately, before you ask :) ), but left it in Coy HQ as they didn't have one...
Yes basically everything i need is in there. I am actually 2ic of our team and being new to competition shooting ( in the organising sense as opposed to taking part) i need all the info i can get my hands on.

I believe the application forms, rules of the shoots, conducting the shoots, and general rule etc are held within pam 20

basically i could do wiv a copy as i said our Bn hold none and getting one will take a while....

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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