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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by NNurse, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    How hard is the recruitment process in becoming a nursing officer, I mean my nursing skills are good my training is up to date and i am a confident person, however the math part of the AOSB (Time, Distance, Speed) will be extremely hard for me. I have been practicing alot and im coming along a bit but still rusty.

    With this problem will this stop passing the board?? Is there many applicants on the QARANC AOSB. I think the arger the group the more chances you ganna drown??

    Any advice will be very helpful


  2. WTF does that mean!!! That could stop you from being successful :lol:
  3. granted my first post was extremely s**t, what i was trying to see was how much empazise is put on the time, distance, speed in the QARANC AOSB, as i believe it is crucial in normal AOSB. Im sure nursing officers need to know this however it is unlikely a nursing officer will plan combat attacks.

    It was just a question!! Chill mate you'll give yourself a heart attack

  4. Gooseman is chilling, after all, he's already in!
  5. fair play you are obviously no help to anyone....if people like you are in im out!! thank god.

    Good luck oh yeah and thanks for all that help your a star! good to know you actually care for people
  6. NNurse

    I restrained myself from posting earlier, but will now stick up what I was going to say.

    I know this is an internet forum & it is accepted that certain levels of abbreviated language are accepted, but remember this is a serious thread not the NAAFI bar. Part of being an Officer is clear communication, and your first post was not in clear English.

    It is all very well being a good clinician & you are to be applauded for that. However I served in a Unit once with someone who was highly skilled & regarded in the NHS, but went out of his way to bait fellow Officers with his non-conformity. In a tight-knit team like one finds on Operations this can lead to serious breakdowns in effectiveness.

    As for the AOSB I cannot comment on what (if any) differences there are between this & the AOSB for non-PQO applicants. However I suggest you look at the Regular Officer Recruiting pages where you can find all manner of links to DST practice exercises if that's what worries you most. I was no mental arithmetic boffin but still managed to get through.

    Above all best of luck with your endeavours in attempting to gain a commission. We need Medics like no time in recent history & you may regret it if you don't apply because someone gave you a bit of banter on an anonymous website.



    Capt (Retd)
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Again I can't answer the specific question asked, but if you have problems with maths how do you do your drug calculations?
  8. Thank you for your reply and i agree entirly that my first threads were poor and probably my last reply was not a good idea, however i get fustrated that when i started posting i was looking for a serious reply and then recieve unhelpful replys..however i agree that i should have kept my mouth shut!

    Thank you for your advice and i will be applying for my commision shortly and will see how it goes.

    Anyways thanks for your reply and i will take into account my conduct in further threads

  9. I have 8 years of practicing drug calculations. It can be different knowing how to calculate set formulas, than being able to grasp general maths

  10. Hey, no need to crawl! Welcome to the site & good luck witht he application...
  11. cheers
  12. My spelling and grammer has been poor because i have been rushing threads and not treating it as an official piece, however i take it on the chin and i will use correct spelling grammer in the future.

    Thanks for your advice and i was not the only person displaying poor conduct, i am however the only one accepting responsibilty. Anyway i do not want to carry on with this and i will watch my self further threads.

  13. and get yourself a sense of humour, army banter is well known to be in the extreme, if you bite at the slightest thing you wont enjoy army life at all.
  14. anybody else want to pull my pants down and slap my arse!?!

    Ill do that, Thanks
  15. Now there's a nursing service...

    ...oh erse, you're a bloke. Jarrod might be interested, though ;)