I keep hearing/seeing various rates of pay quoted for the Army, few of which I recognise from the soldiers "7 days and a penny" I see appearing before me.

Can I invite you to enter this competition which is to identify the lowest net monthly net pay (take home on their pay statement) for a Pte soldier based in UK (it will obviously be higher overseas) after completing their basic training:

Two categories:

A: Singlie, living in barracks eating in the cookhouse without PAYD.

B. A PAD, living in married bliss in a furnished B Type quarter (all standards/furnished conditions welcome).

It could be a spectacular result, lets seen how low we can go...

Chris_2oo6 said:
anyone else smell a journo?
Who knows, but lets add interest to the competition:-

Anybody who served in Iraq/Afghanistan and, while there, earned less than the £7700 Cherie Blair claimed in a single month for hairdressing expenses. LINK

Anybody on less than the £10,900 per year the honorable members of the Scottish parliament get to mortgage a flat in Edinburgh at taxpayers expense? LINK

Anybody, under the rank of General, who earns more than the £117,389 that Gerry Adams received in expenses last year for not taking his seat in the Commons. LINK

I just love Gerry's entry on - Gerry has spoken in zero debates; made zero written questions attended zero percent of votes. He gets paid for this and draws a rich man's salary in expenses. A true man of the people.
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