COMPETITION - Bluestone 42 on DVD

Just in case you've missed it on BBC 3 but have been following the review and subsequent discussion then we've got three copies of Bluestone 42 on DVD to win. You can enter by clicking here.

Competition closes Friday 10 May at 1800 hrs with the three lucky winners drawn at random.

Good luck!


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Shouldn't there be a question like "What is your e-mail address ?"
Is it still too soon to make jokes about FALLOOOOJA!

Got to admit enjoying it very, very much.

No contact details asked though
When BadCO says "at random" he means it quite literally.

Just pick any three people from the whole of the Arrse readership.

Got to be that. I mean it is not as if he would have forgotten to put a contact details bit on the survey or anything silly like that.

Oh and BTW I did the competition and got all the answers right.
Oops....... problem now sorted.

If you've already entered, you may wish to do so again to increase your chances of winning!


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How many times can I enter?
If it won't let you do it again, it's because you're shit, and absolutely nothing to do with clearing cookies, so that means I win

If you haven't done it yet, then don't bother because I've already won.

Why does it set 26 cookies anyway? A huge amount for one page
Also the question on the creation date of ARRSE is causing a few problems with <50% getting it right. Top tip - look at my profile!


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Sorted. I've entered loads of times now
Bet you havn't and if you have how?

Not that I would like these DVD's of course, it's for a uuummmm a friend.
Yes I have


Only problem is you have one of the questions wrong every time.

Which one and why is a secret though.
Only problem is you have one of the questions wrong every time.

Which one and why is a secret though.
I've done extensive research, and I haven't got one wrong (any more)


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Book Reviewer
Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle?
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