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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Persian_kitten, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is now an expiry date on this cert? Been asked if I would like to go to warmer climes for a jolly but someone mentioned that it may no longer be valid as over five years old? No one has even asked me before if I have it let alone if its current? It is charter so they can set their own requirements but is there a life span on the cert? Any info gratefully received..thanks.
  2. If you are going on the charter as crew, it is unlikely that anyone is going to ask for your CC ticket. Required qualifications vary from company to company, with most expecting to see a minimum of DS prior to allowing you to sail off into the blue. I dont believe that there is an expiry date on a CC ticket, why not check the RYA website?
  3. Yes, had a look on the website first but it doesn't mention a life span. I have dropped them an e-mail but as of today, still waiting someone to get back to me. Surely not everyone needs a minimum of a DS to crew though although appreciate Charters do set their own terms? Unfortunately/fortunately (depends how you see it) have always been on friend's yachts so this has never come up before. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  4. I've chartered yachts a couple of times now and yeah the requirements do vary by company and location. Sometimes as simple as a chat on the phone and sometimes insisting on various certificates and radio licences.

    I'd be very surprised if any company requires skippering qualifications for the skipper and for ALL the crew to hold 'Competent Crew'. I have heard of them requiring 'Day Skipper' for the skipper with at least one 'Competent Crew' on board but that's all. Best to check with the company...

  5. Persian_Kitten,

    As far as I'm aware, there is no expiry date as such on these certificates. Well, if there is I'd be a bit surprised!!
  6. There is no expiry date - it is a lifetime qualification. Competent Crew plus experience is sensible (even if not technically necessary) progression towards Day Skipper. Day Skipper plus experience to Coastal Skipper, etc.
  7. Correct.

    The only cruising qualifications that have an expiry date are "commercially endorsed" certificates and even then only the commercial endorsement expires, not the underlying certificate.

    Instructional qualifications need to be revalidated from time to time.

    Blue Skies, Fair Winds & a Following Sea P-K.
  8. Thanks everyone. I thought it was a for-life cert but being asked the question made me realise that I just didn't know for sure. It wasn't the front-end of getting on a charter that was my concern but the back-end, if we had a prang and the insurance company would use it as leverage not to pay out.