Competency, or the lack of it.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Perevodchik, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Can any of you fine clerks etcetera please explain why, despite correctly clearing from a Unit and informing the Pay Office
    (or whatever it's called this week), that it appears to be beyond the wit of man to actually LOOK at a soldier's clearance certificate and STOP paying LOA and other allowances from the correct date? Is it an 'in' joke, or are you just not interested?
  2. It may have been done and just not actioned, but that shouldn't happen with LOA because you can stop it in advance of the date required.

    Alteratively your clerk might just be a mong, let's face it there are a few of those in the AGC, especially at my unit.

    Still as I would advise, stick it away and earn some interest, at least it quite obvious to you that you shouldn't be in receipt of it.

    Or send it to me and I'll look after it for you :D
  3. i came back from tour, got paid correctly for 2 months (LSSA stopped) then the LSSA started again! somebody must have physically pressed some buttons somewhere to make it kick in again. pesky clerks! and they always run out of diaries and year planners and can never get the right ink for my printer.
  4. Opposite happened to me. Came back from tour and the LSSA WASN'T stopped. Now I owe the Army over a months wages as I recieved an LSSA bonus aswell.

    Further to that, I put in a claim for a course I went on over two months ago and still haven't recievd anything. Amazingly enough, the clerks in RHQ have managed to lose all the receipts (3 weeks worth, I hasten to add) and I'm now being told, as I had an advance to go on course, if nothing gets sorted, then they'll take all the money back off me!!

    The really ironic thing about it all is, plastered onto every wall in the RAO is a sign: "SPS Mission Statement: to provide efective and timely administration to enable the regiment to fulfill its tasks." What the hells gone wrong with the army today?
  5. Quite Richy. Obviously SPS's role is to fcuk soldiers about massively with little or no regrd for doing the job they are paid to do.
    That or they aren't clever enough to do it. Either way, they are taking money under false pretences.
  6. Agreed. And it make me fcuking mad! Its horrendous for retention too. Barstewards boil my pish :x
  7. However, when you try to put in complaints about your whole world fallin in as you have no money and owe the bank lots but have no money to pay, "YOU'RE A TROUBLE MAKER" The world(pay system) is on its arrse, and they send in JPA to fck us about even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Or the other good one is..."You haven't spent the extra money, have you?"
  9. At least you are able to communicate your woes to the blinkin' clerk, ours is "foreign and commonwealth", and I have no problem with that, but it would be nice if I could understand her and visa versa! Thinking about it though we have had about 4 clerks in the last few months so bound to get one that knows what they're talking about soon, rule of averages! Haven't met a clerk that really knows what they're doing for years, do they teach them blocking and stalling tactics in basic these days so they can go on to be a call operator for MODern Housing Solutions or similar?
  10. Just seen this month's statement on ArmyNet. Not only have they taken back all the LOA I owe them (no drama there)
    on the very next line they've given me it all back!!! And I still haven't paid any rent!!! Never mind, that's only 3 months to get the basics right. I wonder if I'd be better off with JPA, at least you don't have to look at the poor confused stupid tawts when you explain (AGAIN!!) with a patience wearing paper thin what the MaccyDs reject needs to do to sort you out!

    Rant over, for now
  11. They have taken it off you and paid it back to you in order to raise an Overissue. If you look at the top of your pay statement, immediately above the entitlement column there is a box called OVERISSUES BAL O/S. In this box will now be the same amount that was credited and deducted.

    What happens now is that your RAO will be sent an ADPOI2FI (Unit Schedule of Overissues for the month of ......).
    The RAO will then issue your Line Manager with an AF O9612 - Notification of an overissue/under charge on a pay account.
    Your Line Manager then gives it to you with an AF O 9613 - Individuals reply to an invitation to refund an overissue / under charge.

    It is this form (AF O9613) where you get the opportunity to say how you want the debt repaid - if at all.

    You have about 21 days to return the completed form, if yu dont return it, the recovery will start in about 6 weeks at the SMRR (Standard Monthy Recovery Rate) which is 4 x GROSS Pay. Sums exceeding SMRR will be deducted at SMRR monthly until the debt is less, then the remaining amount will be recovered in the final payment (ie if the debt is £600, and SMRR is £400, you will pay £400 in month 1 and £200 in month 2 - it will not be split evenly).

    Hope this helps.
  12. Pere,
    I would chase that form up which AbleAndy referred to, if it's anything like our place it turns up in your in tray a month after you start paying the money back! Even after you have specifically asked the Chief Clump if there is any way you can reduce the payments and they have told you that it's all done automatically based on your daily rate and you should not have spent the money anyway! They're great - NOT!

  13. I agree that there are some clerks out there who don't do their job to the right standard, but you get the same in any cap badge. Its just the Mil Clerks have an important function to pay. There are alot of very good, concientious clerks out there who assist the "trouble makers" and try to correct mistakes that are in most cases not their fault. UNICOM and the mainframe is out of date and cannot cope with the demands placed upon it, that is why JPA is coming.

    You obviously haven't got a clue about JPA. Your admin will be your responsibility so you can't blame the clerks if your banks cocked up, your claims not paid blah, blah, blah. JPA will have problems on roll out, as any new system does.
  14. Is there any wonder that the clerks piss you about. The "Chief Clump" is also the chump who will sort your problems out. If you have been overpaid for months and your stupid enough not to notice it, its easy to blame the clerks because your too thick to notice it and not spend it. Your good aren't you: MONG!!
  15. All of which goes back to my original post, to whit, you fcukers can't read. I have noticed I shouldn't have got the cash, I have informed them (on several occasions) and I haven't spent it. Jeeeesus, it's like pulling teeth... :roll:

    AbleAndy, thanks mate, that's just the job.