Compensation or War Pension-Cadet Forces?

A slightly academic question but something I have pondered for a while..

If someone was an instructor with the CCF (Army) or ACF and was injured or made ill, not through their own negligence, as a direct result of their work as a cadet instructor and this subsequently affected their ability to work and earn a living would they fall under the War Pension scheme or any other scheme?


Its tough enough for serving soldiers to get compensation or pensions. They are not going to give them to an ACF bod without a struggle.

Compensation for someone elses negligence, possibly from an insurance payout but it would be very hard to prove that the voluntary nature of someones duties in the ACF contributed to ill health or incapacity. If it doesnt suit you, you can always give it up. Its not as if you are doing it for the money and to pay the mortgage etc;
I would say if you are injured you can try the ACFA insurance, the MOD are very unlikely to contribute, unless it could be proved that the injury was a direct result of their negligence.

Im not sure about the Cadet who was injured by the torch it would be interesting to know.

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