Compensation Issued for Early Release from Prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Fairly old news now (hit the papers on 26 Dec 08) but I thought it might be worth at least first parading the Outrage Bus.

    The crux of the matter is that to ease overcrowding 2196 foreign prisoners were released from prison 18 days early. To compensate them for the loss of the food and accommodation they would have received if made to serve their full sentence they were given £7 per day up to a max of £168.

    Let's hope the scheme is never extended to those serving life sentences.

    PS. They were also not deported as they should have been.

    Happy New Year
  2. Shocked? Not really.

    Give them the cash and a seat on a plane.
  3. Why should they get anything? If someone is found not guilty on appeal the system can claim back the cost of food and accomodation as has been reported in the tabloids.
  4. I think the outrage bus is in full motion for this story.

    Considering the Daily Mail often make up blatant lies to appease its readership who like to have their 'world is ending' views validated, maybe the money is really so they can get a roof over their head & food. What would people rather, that they are just chucked out onto the street without warning & no money so they steal food & get arrested for sleeping in the street?
  5. Telegraph also ran the story - link below.

    As for the money to keep themselves post-discharge. Well, they get a £46 discharge grant and, whilst inside, the opportunity to earn money, some of which could be set aside for their eventual release. Current rates are set out below and, incredibly, they even get paid for lying on their backs all day.

    Unemployment pay

    Minimum £2-50 per week (50p a day) based on a five-day week (see section 2.2)

    Employed rate

    Minimum employed rate of pay is £4-00 per week (see section 2.3)
  6. I couldn't believe it when I read it in yesterday's Telegraph, but then I know a UK Immigration Appeals Judge and he says that he rejects over 90% of all Appeals in his Court, but even so the Gov never 'Exports' them.
    Understand it's against the Principals of The Fabian Society, whatever that is.
  7. I think :roll: says it all really.
  8. Yes, you cant move in prison for people that got arrested for sleeping in the street. When stories like this are found to be true, do you think it really does need addressing? Or do you just ignore it, carry on, and support some other load of bollox?
  9. I'm not supporting it :? :roll: I just don't believe anything the Daily Mail print, as most of it is outright lies. I sometimes read the comments people leave on the stories printed by the DM. Sometimes the person the story is about manages to get a post through the editor - who often points out the inaccuracies or twists the reporter has put in, or stuff left out.

    A good example was the policeman living in Spain, working in the UK story. The guy the story was about (they apparently interviewed him) left a comment saying he didn't live in Spain & work in the UK, but just owned a second home in that country and maybe visited one weekend a month.

    edit - Cheers for the link pombsen-armchair-warrior.
  10. Could we fill up some C-130's,whilst we still have them,and do a European Tour.Depositing them as required?
    Or would this be an infringement of their Human Rights?
  11. like everything the immigration service is run on the cheap and maybe if its lucky finds out theres a foreign prisoner that needs to be deported at 5pm on the friday an he gets out monday morning
  12. I would agree but for one thing. This government wouldn't give you the steam off its p1ss if you're an employed home owner scraping pennies to keep a roof over your head.

    However every possible variant of jobless bum is adored and bribed into voting labour.

    Now they are seeing fit to line the pockets of Foreign Prisoners.

    As has been suggested: Why a C-130 isn't tasked to 'return to sender' is beyond me.
  13. jobless bums an chavs don't vote for labour they don't vote for anyone much.
  14. Well then who does? As the lefty do gooders don't make up the majority of the country (They just make up the majority of the countries managers).

    The great unwashed aren't soft. Like once every two weeks they get out of bed and line up outside the Post Office at 0730 sharp to ensure they get money for free... Once every four years they know its in their best interests to put an X next to labour or Lib Dem.
  15. I know people here in Finland cannot believe how "shit" the UK has changed into :( Luckily we are not so desirable a place for "dolies" to come to.