Compensation In The Armed Forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Sean ******* Rayment the man who makes it up as he goes along.

    AFCS is a no blame scheme. 15 Tariffs, with 15 the lowest. Injuries in tariff 15 include the loss of 1 toe other than big toe.

    I'd hardly call that trivial and an indication of a blame culture.

    Claims can be rejected for many reasons, not completed correctly, missing medical evidence, but I doubt there are many that are trying to defraud the system. The system is just too comprehensive for that. In fact the difficulty is usually the other way with people having difficulty claiming AFCS they are entitled to.
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  2. I think he may be partly alluding to the proliferation of no-win, no-fee 'lawyers'.
  3. Who was it who once said that "The pen is mightier than the sword?" No, I'd say that the Daily Mail is on a right wing quest to stop compensation all round. Their well paid journalists hate it. Just look at the meal they make of anyone in low paid public service (you didn't join to become rich did you?) who claims compensation for injuries caused in service, the extent of the reports and the time they spend in the headlines whilst more important matters are ignored. Publishing this sort of thing merely feeds the 'you knew the risks before you joined' set. It's just another example of conservatism dividing opinion and society into those who have and those who have not. You'll have noticed the lack of 'those who have' in Bastion? So, what of the military covenant? Where does that stand? How many injured servicemen have had to fight for compensation? You've published their details on here frequently. Should they be denied access to legal advice just because they haven't got the means? Most of you don't earn the same as a Daily Mail journalist, nor are you likely to, so you may find it difficult to pay for your own legal representation. Would the same journalist sue his employer should he/she be injured on the job? Of course they wouldn't! They've got standards and values. Apparently you haven't, so you might like to take a leaf out of their book, you bunch of chancers.

    Most of you here subscribe to the viewpoint that it is nothing more than law firms making money. Did you honestly believe that legal services came free? The same subscribers would be the first to scream 'sue' if they were ever injured in service. This sort of publication serves nothing more than to confirm to 'Harry of the Home Counties' that you are nothing more than some chancer in a uniform and that there is little difference between you and his local 'chavvery'.

    'elf & safety is next on the agenda, trust me. They don't like that either. What about your 'elf & safety? Oh, knew the risks. I forgot. I also forgot that many injuries also occur off the battle field. But they'll not be important, because losing your leg to a landmine is more worthy than losing it to a bad driver. The lasting effect is the same but the latter would appear to some to be of less importance. The whole mission is to eradicate what they call the 'compensation culture'. Ignore this 'tragic and genuine case' line. It's bollox. They want to chip away at the lower level stuff and once that's done, they've got a toe hold to enable them to take on the larger 'tragic and genuine' cases. They've fed you the 'compensation culture' line so often you begin to believe that it's your own thought. If you are injured in service, who should look after you? Who should pay for that care? knew the risks before you joined. Does it make any difference where your injury was sustained? How it was sustained? Whether it was caused by the Taliban or Tommy Atkins from the MT?

    As for 'no win - no fee' (another line we love to quote) you need to read a bit wider than the front pages of the rags. No firm will take on your case if they haven't got a reasonable chance of winning it. It's like any other business, it employs advertising. The vast majority of hopeful 'claimants' cases are turned down as they are chancers or on a hiding to nothing.

    So, now that Afghanistan is nearing it's you feel valued? Your mates who were injured. Do you disagree with them being compensated? After all, they knew the risks. Don't buy into any of this shite. It's intention is to put the seed of doubt in your mind. Next time you look at your mate in a wheel chair...remember, he may have had to employ a lawyer to get it for him.

    Do you still feel valued?

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  4. I had an amusing tumble a few months before I left. I'd managed to tear a ligament in my knee playing football on an inpromptu decision by our workshop OC that we were sacking off work for the afternoon and having a game of football. Anyway a month or so after this I was asked to go do some weapon inspections on the scimitars. The lads had just finished putting them through the washdown and had that brilliant idea of making them shiney with the liberal application of OMD90 (I found this out afterwards) I turn around to start climbing down the vehicle after finishing one of the checks. My foot slips, my knee gives way and I go tumbling arse over tit off of the top of the vehicle landing on my head and rolling flat onto my back. I wound up with several of the lads running over to see if I was OK and they were greeted with the sight of me howling with laughter. Now I only wound up with some small cuts and a minor concussion and didn't claim as it was more funny than anything else. But if I wound up with more serious injuries I would have definitely put in a claim for it.

    On the plus side after that little tumble and with my knee buggered again I wound up being signed off sick until my finish date. :)
  5. Once you've served your purpose and Afghanistan is but a distant memory...some will find it hard to distinguish between both. But that's the intention after all. They can't change it overnight, so let's play a long game.
  6. Well it is written by the same ****** who wrote Bomb Hunters, he wanted to interview me for inclusion in the book. I told him not until the inquest was complete, he went and made some shit up anyway.
  7. That seed is already sown in the minds of many, and germinating nicely as it is being fed and watered. Every time someone has asked about the AFCS on here, it seems there is always at least one negative response (the fact that these replies are probably from civvied pretending to have served is by the by).
  8. I got a bad paper cut on Friday, what can i claim, it was deep!
  9. Ironically you should say that, considering those that have the 'you know the risks' attitude have never risked more than a paper cut.
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  10. You've obviously never been under sustained stapler fire down the typing pool mate, so stop bigging yourself up. I'll not mention that filing cabinet drawer as I don't want to embarrass you, you shirker.
  11. We in G4 keep you lot going....stores are for storing...not for issuing kit you will probably loose anyway!
  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Nuff said.
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  13. Is it in the accident book?
  14. BAFF disagrees with several of the inferences in this story and will be replying to it later today.
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