Compensation for Deafness due to the SLR

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Holdfast_RE, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. I've just heard a rumour going round that compenstation for partial deafness due to the old SLR is fixed at £5k.

    Anyone know anything, or is it still better to apply for a war pension when your colour service runs out? :?
  2. I was told I couldn't claim even though the hearing in my right ear(right handed) has degraded since enlistment. Where does one look for more information?
  3. I claimed with the help of the RBL, had a hearing test but because my hearing had only deteriated by less than 20% was uneligable for a pension or compensation. RBL is the best start they will help with everything. There is a place in Tidworth near the college.
  4. I can't believe what I'm reading, when is it acceptable for any serviceman to claim compo against the tool of his trade, when you join the army I ought to point out you may have to use these things called "guns" that go bang!!! ffs would you rather have had one of these..........

    Honestly next it will be aluminium poisoning from mess tins, hexamine fumes . What a crap world we are in when people feel it is their right to claim for everything.
  5. Howdy,

    I lost hearing whilst using lots of different bits of kit at Onion range in the Falklands in the 90's (we where encouraged to wear the little yellow ear inserts istead of Amplivox) thus effecting my future career prospects in the army. Reluctantly I left to attend University. Whilst an impoverished student, I applied for a disabilty pension. Gaining an assessment of a 14% disability and a one off payment of around £3500. I subsequently had it reassessed and was proved to be at 15% disability (meaning complete and irrecoverable loss of hearing in the left ear) and was awarded a pension payment for life. It has just increased to £27.94 a week. I have encouraged everyone I have met who has hearing loss to apply for it since, I knew two old boys who used to sit in a local of mine, one Army, one Navy (an engine room bod who had been torpedoed twice!). Both thought they where to old to apply and both felt that they had merely done their duty and it was an unfortunate side affect of this. The Navy chap sadly died before receiving his however the Army dude managed to get his with help from the British Legion. There have been a number of previous posts on here including one from an ex-military type who actually worked at the War/Disability Pensions Directorate, his advice must be read. If I find the link I will post it.

    The address to write to is

    Veterans Agency
    FY5 3WP
    0044 1 253 866043

    You would need to have documented medical evidence of loss of hearing and that it is considered to be attributable to your military service.

    I also think that is something that can only be applied for when you leave the Forces. (However I am TA soldier having rejoined, now in my 9th year so you may have to check that out?)

    Good Luck

  6. old_fat_and_hairy

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    I haven't got ginger hair, but......................where do I claim?
  7. Eh?

    Nearly half past ten.
  8. ".......................... what...........?!!!!"
  9. " eh ? "
  10. So how did you get on then? :?
  11. How come you passed the medical for the TA, how can you get paid for a medical condition that would get you binned from the Army on one hand yet be paid to be a soldier by the Army on the other.

    Either you are a war pensioner OR a soldier but not both

    This not a dig at you personally.
  12. Hi
    Originally I had lost hearing to a degree that limited my carreer choices in the regulars and I therefore chose to leave the army and attend university., I wasn't MD'd and didn't push for it. So as far as I know that is the only real difference.

    My hearing was then considered to be within acceptable bounderies when I enrolled with the Tri-sevice regular/TA unit I am in. I provide a civilian expertise and as such being deaf in one ear is neither (excuse the pun) here nor there.
    I take a full active roll within the unit (deployed on the last three Ops Macedonia 2001/Afghanistan2002/ OpTelic1-2003 and I am a unit PTI)
    Beyond the occassional missunderstanding no-one would now I have hearing loss. I merely take extra care with the hearing I have left when firing or in loud situations.

    Any more thoughts
    PM me perhaps.

    also link to unit below.


  13. Rubbish, you'll have to prove it was the SLR tho.

  14. Say again all after.......