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Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he feels "deep sorrow" for Britain's role in the slave trade.

"We're talking about an apology of substance which would then be followed by various reparative measures including financial compensation."

What right do you have to get cash for something that happened 7 generations before you were born :?:

I am getting really fed up with people holding out their hands for cash on whatever basis. This one is about something that happened 200 years ago FFS. It also conveniently forgets to mention Britains significant role in trying to stop the international slave trade.
I don't know if You meant to, but You made it sound like Blair was opening the door for compensation. The quote You gave was in fact that of Esther Stanford, of the Pan African Reparation Coalition.

Incidentally, since slavery was commonplace in the Dark Ages and before, nearly all of us probably have a slave or or two in our far distant past - would we all be able to claim???
It happened years ago for crying out loud, as aforementioned we were probably all slaves at some point in time in fact if not name.

Also bear in mind that the blacks themselves captured and sold slaves.

Read Flashman book on madascar and the following from wiki...

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Malagasy tribes occasionally waged wars to capture and enslave prisoners. They either sold the slaves to Arab traders or kept them on-hand as laborers. Following the arrival of European slavers, human chattels became more valuable, and the coastal tribes of Madagascar took to warring with each other to obtain prisoners for the lucrative slave-trade. Instead of spears and cutlasses, the tribesmen fought with muskets, musket balls, and gunpowder that they obtained from Europeans. The wars were fierce and brutal. On account of their relationship to the pirates on Nosy Boraha, the Betsimisaraka in eastern Madagascar had more firearms than anyone else. They overpowered their neighbors the Antakarana and Tsimihety and even raided the Comoros Islands. As the tribe on the west coast with the most connections to the slave trade, the Sakalava also had access to guns and powder. They subdued the other tribes on the west coast. Tribal chiefs who failed to capture prisoners for the slave trade sometimes did what had previously been considered unthinkable -— they sold their own people into slavery.
Nothing happened here other than a part of the world that was practically backwards by contempory standards was pulled in to the present, and new buyers for a comodity that was already being plundered was found.

If any blacks want cash for being slaves in the distant past then I suggest the descendants of the slaving tribes are first to pay up. Which of course could be their own tribes anyway... what's that? Black tribes have no cash and therefore don't need to be sorry for anything as they wont be able to pay anything to those who are just greedy little parasites?

Not to mention the fact that I think the descendants of ex slaves of America may very well have had a slightly better deal than those who were left behind in the Aids capital of the world/3rd world country.
I saw this ridiculous woman interviewed twice this morning.

Asked if the African countries who were involved (some still are) with the slave trade should also apologise and make reparation, she replied that they should not, because a nation should not have to apologise because some of its people were collaborators. Alas, the fact that by her own logic we should not need to apologise for the slave trade because only some of our people were involved in it, appears to have passed her by. Her argument also appears to be based on the risible assumption that, were it not for the slave trade, all the African nations involved would be thriving economies today, with splendid educational facilities and fabulous cultural events.

Bliar has dug up this old chestnut by way of attempting to increase the flagging popularity of his mendacious government, and that this Stanford woman has merely seized the opportunity to grab some publicity for her own absurd theories.

I cannot help feeling that the energies of both individuals would be better expended in attempting to make a difference to Africans today. Or is it easier to spout on television and score cheap points from events long past than to get to grips with the war in Sudan, for example? Or corruption in Nigeria? Or Black Bob Mugabe's abysmal human rights record in Zimbabwe? Or AIDS in Africa? Or the coup in Chad? Or civil war in Congo? Or the scourge of female genital mutilation? Or the high infant mortality rate in Africa? Or the likely war between Ethiopia and Somalia? Or (cont p.94)
Hmmm. Some of my distant relatives were ethnically cleansed by the government of the day in 1745/6. They didn't even get breakfast on the day they got a slapping by the Duke of Cumberland. If we are going down this road, must be worth something?
Not to mention the fact that slavery is still practiced in many African countries according to several human rights organisations. Including the particularly distateful trokosie or voodooi.

Also I am pretty sure that naughty people in Britain were shipped out to become slaves both to America and Austrailia. Coal miners in Britain were almost slaves, as they promised to mine all their lives and were often recaptured and endured all manner of punishments, including being tied to the front of the pit pony, who would then walk around in a circle driving water pumps, the poor bugger to be punished would walk backwards in front for hours (can't remember what it was called). Different life to the crofters in that they were quite well looked after and wouldn't starve but they were still slaves from birth (a cash sum would be given on the promise of the father for the child to work in the mine).

These sponging parasites just need to join us in the 21st century and start looking forward instead of back.
I'm really really sorry, My great great great great Grandfather may have worked down a mine during this period, God the guilt is killing me.

Why is it that certain people in this world think its my fault that these things happened 200 years ago, and want an apology from my numpty Prime Minister, who incidentally has more relevent things to apologise for.

Now I want an apology from from Duran Duran for making me dress like a tw*t during the 80's.
Oh and according to the BFBS radio news this morning, Anne Widdecome stated that "It would be like wanting the Italians to apologise for Pontius Pilate."
taffridge said:
Oh and according to the BFBS radio news this morning, Anne Widdecome stated that "It would be like wanting the Italians to apologise for Pontius Pilate."
...or for the Roman Occupation of Britain.... 8O !!
taffridge said:
Oh and according to the BFBS radio news this morning, Anne Widdecome stated that "It would be like wanting the Italians to apologise for Pontius Pilate."
...or Hadrians wall, Bath spa, the A2 or anything else built by our ancestors in the 400 odd years they were here!
Oh yes, and another ancestor of mine played a pivotal role in the abolition of slavery. Does this mean I can claim a deferred payment for his toils, or perhaps it might make me immune from prosecution/blame whilst the rest of the people in the UK are hauled across the you think I could claim back Tax on any reparations made... :?
heres an idea, give the people of caribbean decent half of the money we can get in 'compensation' off the scandanavians for the occupation and rape and pillage of the vikings 1100 years ago.
RogueTrooper said:
taffridge said:
Oh and according to the BFBS radio news this morning, Anne Widdecome stated that "It would be like wanting the Italians to apologise for Pontius Pilate."
...or for the Roman Occupation of Britain.... 8O !!
Exactly. And what DID the Romans ever do for us.........
taffridge said:
chimera said:
RogueTrooper said:
taffridge said:
Oh and according to the BFBS radio news this morning, Anne Widdecome stated that "It would be like wanting the Italians to apologise for Pontius Pilate."
...or for the Roman Occupation of Britain.... 8O !!
Exactly. And what DID the Romans ever do for us.........

They weleased wodewick
And Woger. Have you met my fwiend fwon Wome Biggus Dickus?

Anyhoo, IIRC it was Britain which was the first Western nation (or at least the first major maritime power) to abolish slavery, the campaign being led by Lord Wilberforce I think. After this date Royal Navy ships actively pursued illegal slavers (i.e. British ones) and freed a fair number (usually in the wrong place, but that is definitely another topic).

Perhaps the claim for compensation could be more accurately laid at the doors of the Portuguese, Spanish etc who happily shipped slaves to Carib and S.America long after this date? To the Arab states that grew out of the then 'Moors' who were great traders of.... you guessed it, slaves. Romans? Phonecians? Vikings? Cromwell after the civil war? The Spaniards vs indigenous people in the Americas?

Or how about the good ol' Yew Ass of A, who had a spot of bother or two over this issue in the 1860's?

Single issue nutter given unearned airtime by a spineless ponce in a suit desperately looking for subjects that will make him appear relevant.
I'm still going after Duran Duran mind.

The fact is that hardly any country in the history of the world has not at sometime during its history utilised slavery. Simple test of who should say sorry, "Hands up anyone who knowingly had any thing to do with the slave trade......... Anyone.........No......Ok, next item.....Wobbers and wapists, and pickpockets.
Well, no one should know more about Africa's own involvement in the slave trade than our own Dr John Reid, whose doctorate was on the change in Dahomey's economy from the slave trade to palm oil. I wonder if he'll tell Tony?
I got very annoyed watching what's her name on news24. Everyone accepts that the slave trade was bad, but no one who had anything to do with it is alive today.

As for compensation, she can get stuffed. If she wants compensation for ancestors being removed from their native country, I presume she would therefore be happy if we returned her and her family to their native country (if she's lucky, that country might not even be fighting a war atm).
In 1999 the African World Reparations and repatriation Truth Commission meeting in Accra, issued a demand for reparations from "all those nations of Western Europe and the Americas and institutions, who participated and benefited from the slave trade and colonialism". The sum suggested was $777 Trillion. Given that three of the ten million were transported in British vessels, the punative British reparations would be in the region of £150 Trillion.

Since the UN World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance "called on those who have not yet contibuted to restoring the dignity of the victims to find appropriate ways to do so" in 2001, I think we should be ready to break open the piggy bank and start dishing it out. Or should we?
Most of the African slaves were sold by their own chiefs , so nothing new there then in African leaders ripping off their own people.
In many cases the slaves would have been better fed , clothed and treated than they had been in their own countries so far from us giving them any form of commpensation their decendants should be paying us.

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